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Should Usage of Biofuels Be Imposed on the Racing Industry

Should Usage of Biofuels Be Imposed on the Racing Industry? The whole idea of imposing the usage of biofuels looks precisely like what it actually is – hysteria sponsored by governments and enforced by ecologists. The idea of forcing the racing industry to use them looks all this plus also mad. What is it supposed to achieve? Decrease in the use of fossil fuels? All the fuel used by the racing industry is less than a drop in the ocean of what is used by usual motorists; even if all of this will be substituted by biofuels, it won’t make any difference – however difference it is supposed to make. Moreover, the racing industry is exactly one sphere where the biofuels can never be used. It requires high-octane, energy rich fuel which is not how you can characterize biofuel. It simply doesn’t make any sense. And, what is more important, biofuels is not an alternative to more traditional fossil ones. They are mind-bogglingly expensive in production, require enormous amounts of fertile land that can be used for raising crops, inefficient and, all in all, a complete economic failure. If their producers weren’t heavily supported by the government, they wouldn’t stand a chance; no one simply thinks of the opportunity to do something as wasteful. Fossil fuels will serve humanity for hundreds of years more and, if at some moment of time there will be no more of them, humanity will have an answer to this problem. Maybe it will be some kind of biofuel, maybe some completely new kind of energy. But what is completely true is that now it is not the best moment to make this change – fossil fuel is still easy to come by and will be so for many years, and the â€Å"alternative† is overpriced, inefficient, wasteful and extremely ineffective.

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Essay about Education and Affirmative Actions - 951 Words

What does equality mean? For many centuries, America has had a difficult time answering that question. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, African Americans were not equal since Americans called them property, put them in chains and beat those people. From the seventeen to the nineteen hundreds, women were forbidden to vote; they had to stay at home or work in small factory, thus, they were not equal. However, nowadays, issues of equality are challenged through affirmative action. Across the nation, the use of affirmative action in education has stirred controversy. Some people believe that instigating affirmative action in the college admissions process would create a diverse education. Nevertheless, some consider that it is merely†¦show more content†¦The diversity of students made a dramatically change. Now, not only gaining knowledge from the professors but students also gain from each other. â€Å"It made people more honest, think harder, learn more, and be more sensitive to others†, Professor Gaston says (Clayton). Thus, college experience will help students be more tolerant concerning distinctiveness and gives them an opportunity not to learn but to live in harmony with people of different backgrounds around them. Not only create a diversity environment, Affirmative Action also helps to increase the chance for minority group to get accepted into higher education system. Students from families where few people have pursued higher education are less likely to excel in high school. By the 12th grade, black students, on average, will be four years behind a typical white or Asian student (Thernstrom). In 1997, by approving proposition 209 which stated: â€Å"The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting†, two of the à ©lite University of California campuses, Berkeley and UCLA, witnessed a dramatic decrease in black and Hispanic admissions. The number of black freshman at Berkeley declined by nearly 57% and by 43% at UCLA (Krauthammer). Therefore, without Affirmative Action,Show MoreRelatedAffirm ative Action And Its Impact On Education985 Words   |  4 Pagesthe executive order of Affirmative Action, which first barred government employers from discriminating based on â€Å"race, creed, color, or national origin† (Kennedy, 1961). Overtime the use of affirmative action moved from jobs to the education system. Affirmative action in schools truly gained momentum following the Brown v. Board of Education as educational institutions began to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling to integrate schools. When the Supreme Court ruled on education President Johnson affirmedRead MoreEssay on Education and Affirmative Action1082 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen challenged by affirmative action. Across the nation, the use of affirmative action in education has stirred significant controversy. Some people believe that instigating affirmative action in the college admissions process would create a much more diverse educational environment. However, others believe affirmative act ion is merely a means of reverse discrimination against white and Asian students alike. Rather than helping minority students, I believe that affirmative action restricts them fromRead MoreAffirmative Action And Its Effect On Education2230 Words   |  9 PagesAffirmative Action(,/;?) Necessary or Detrimental to Education? Martin Luther King Jr. once proclaimed â€Å"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.† This quote is infamous, and has been adopted as the essential basis of the minority equality movement. However, minority equality supporters and activists also support a policy that directly contradicts Martin Luther KingRead MoreAffirmative Action And Its Impact On Education3441 Words   |  14 Pages Since its creation in 1965 affirmative action has been heralded by supporters as a landmark achievement and a means to erase the legacy of discrimination and raise the educational outcomes and benefits of America’s protected classes.1 Despite the support it has received, there are large numbers of people who have expressed their opposition to affirmative action in education, claiming that it is a form of discrimination, and questioning its effectiveness. As the debate rages, researchers have exhaustivelyRead MoreIs Affirmative Action in Higher Education Outdated?783 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Is Affirmative Action in Higher Education Outdated? Affirmative action policies have been in place since 1957 (Rubio 144). Presidents Kennedy and Johnson signed executive orders in 1961 and 1964, respectively, requiring government agencies and their contractors to take affirmative steps to ensure minority participation. Johnsons order was modified two years later to include women. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discriminatory hiring, promotion, and retention practices in both the privateRead MoreAffirmative Action Programs : Education And Employment Essay2090 Words   |  9 Pages Affirmative action (AA) programs began as a management tool designed to ensure equal opportunity both in education and employment in the United States for members of underrepresented racial groups. There are numerous amounts of evidence to support that affirmative action programs have done exactly what they were established to do, but like with â€Å"any government policy that gives a positive meaning to some non-class non economic group differe nce†(Steinberg : 270) there are critics, who fail toRead MoreGender And The Board Of Education And Affirmative Action2864 Words   |  12 PagesHistorically, certain groups have been underrepresented and unsuccessful in higher education. These groups include Hispanics, Latinos, African Americans, etc. Efforts have been made at the federal and institutional level to reverse this phenomenon, namely Brown vs. The Board of Education and Affirmative Action. Despite these efforts, African Americans, or Blacks, still lag behind in graduation rates relative to other races and Black males even more so. There has been a myriad of research done andRead MoreEssay on The Negative Effects of Affirmative Action on Education1472 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity was required to select a set amount of minorities before them thanks to something knows as affirmative action. On the other hand, you may be a minority who simply can’t earn the feeling of equality because of educational and em ployed handicaps. Affirmative action in our education system it an unjust practice that we can do without if we can learn to live in a color-blind society. Affirmative action was first established in 1961 in order to ensure that minorities could secure a job based on theirRead MoreRace Based Affirmative Action On Higher Education Essay1445 Words   |  6 PagesRace-Based Affirmative Action in Higher Education In 1961, President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 10925, which created the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, or CEEO. One purpose of the CEEO was to â€Å"recommend additional affirmative steps which should be taken by executive departments and agencies to realize more fully the national policy of nondiscrimination† (Kennedy). This executive order planted the seeds that grew into what is today known as â€Å"race-based affirmative action,† or theRead MoreAffirmative Action : The Education System And Job Market1284 Words   |  6 Pagesprogram affirmative action was instilled into universities around the nation, it set different qualifications for minority applicants and assigned points based off race. With these new criteria instigated, people saw the program as alluding to the notion that if you came from a particular race, the bar was no longer set at a high standard and therefore no need to work as hard as before. Others saw it as a great step forwa rd to helping those who needed the extra assistance. Affirmative action began

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How to Tame a Wild Tongue and The Squirrel Mother Essay Example For Students

How to Tame a Wild Tongue and The Squirrel Mother Essay The first text, How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua, discusses her relationship to language as a young Hispanic girl living in the United States. In this text the author makes use of a lot of metaphors and symbolism to indicate the significances in the roles of gender. When the narrator’s tongue could not keep still while the dentist worked on her, it symbolizes how the girl is trying to break free from her role as a female but is restrained. The irritation the dentist had while pulling out the metal from her mouth portrayed the anger the narrator’s peers would get if she tried to flee her role. The metal from her mouth can also symbolize restraint. When the dentist comments on how â€Å"strong and stubborn† her tongue is, it suggests that her will to break free from her gender role is also strong yet stubborn. The juxtaposed rhetorical questions then indicates that there has been attempts on ‘taming’ and ‘saddling’ her will to break away from her role, portrayed by her uncontrollable tongue and the dentist. We then explore a Mexican student’s experience learning English in America. As a child, this Mexican student learned about certain phrase. One of them was â€Å"Muchachitas bien criadas†, meaning that well-bred girls do not answer back. This shows that in culture, there is already a set role for both genders. In this case, if you were a well-bred girl, you are presumed to be polite and do not talk back. Another phrase is â€Å"hablar pa’tras, repelar†, meaning the act of talking back to your mother, suggests that children are expected to listen to their mothers and never doubting their words. The act of talking back shows that you have no respect and no manners. This again shows that there are certain roles set out for different genders and ages. The narrator also tells the reader that there are words that are â€Å"derogatory if applied to women†, implying that there are certain disrespectful words only directed to women, as the narrator then tells us that she has â€Å"never heard them applied to men†. When two women use the word â€Å"nosotras†, the narrator was shocked as this word is only directed to men, but was used by women. She feels as though the masculine plural has robbed them of their female being. Again, this shows that there are different words, phrases and roles set out for men and women. Lastly, the narrator tells us â€Å"language is a male discourse†. This suggests that language is biased to the males as often the females are given more disrespectful or inferior adjectives whilst the men have more strong, superior and noble words. The second text, a graphic novel created by Megan Kelso, shows the brief exchange between a daughter and her hard-working mother whilst being juxtaposed by a squirrel mother trying to abandon her children. Because it is a graphic novel, the artist uses imagery and juxtapositions to state her points in gender roles. This novel emphasizes the role in females because we see how the human mother and the squirrel mother go pass their life while taking take of their children. The human mother, seen in the novel, is constantly trying to create a dress for her daughter. Firstly, the act of creating a dress at home already suggests an obvious gender role. Females are often known to be home-makers and the embracers of motherhood so what the human mother is doing in the novel goes towards the ideal female role in society. However, when we look at the never minimal narrative, the reader learns that while doing all this, the mother actually wanted to play guitar, learn to speak French and travel. This shows that just because females must fit into their specific gender role, they have no choice but to sacrifice what they truly love or want to do. While keeping that in mind, the reader then directs their attention to the squirrel mother as it is juxtaposed to the human mother. Unlike the human mother, the squirrel mother ultimately chooses to abandon her children to pursue what she wants to do. Taking into account that it is an animal and does not need to consider the society’s expectations for her as a mother, it only seems natural for her to leave. The power of imagery can emphasize a point very effectively with minimal writing and prolong its effect in the reader’s mind. .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .postImageUrl , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:hover , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:visited , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:active { border:0!important; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:active , .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uf67cab72531fc5d3e9a169408f8d66fb:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Read chapters 8-11 of Oliver Twist EssayIn conclusion, I believe the two texts are very different as they approach gender roles in two entirely different ways. Firstly the first text is a written first-person piece, which can help emphasize the points of gender roles to the narrator as most of the content is actually happening in her mind, showing her thoughts and opinions. The second article is a graphic novel, in which words are very minimal and most of the indication in gender roles is portrayed through drawings. This is very effective in stressing a single point.

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Organizational Behavior Research Paper Essay Sample free essay sample

Introduction The leading. motive. public presentation and conflict direction of Chinese fittingness nines industry reflects the extent to which persons are likely to specify and construction their functions and those of their subsidiaries towards end attainment. In other words it is the behaviour of the leader which deals with the relationship between himself ad the work-group and attempts to set up chiseled forms of organisation. channels of communicating and method of process. Leader Behavior Description ( LBD ) is the most of import manner that gives good consequence. The LBD was administered in a broad assortment of state of affairss and surprisingly two dimensions of leading continually emerged from the survey: one is ‘consideration’ and the other is initiating construction. The Chinese fittingness nines have emerged as a strong point in the universe showing the expeditiously managed industry by pulling possible clients and bring forthing gross. As portion of the concern disposal procedure of the fittingness clubs one efforts to specify the future province of the organisation. We will write a custom essay sample on Organizational Behavior Research Paper Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page One is non seeking to foretell the hereafter. but instead to bring out things in the present to guarantee that the organisation does hold a hereafter. Hence be aftering accomplishments will include: With turning complexness in the operations of big organisations. the nines are expected to get accomplishments to interact with intermediate be aftering systems. LITERATURE REVIEW MANAGING SURVIVAL AND GROWTH Survival of the fittest is the natural jurisprudence for endurance which is every bit applicable to the competitory market topographic point where houses struggle and battle for endurance. Guaranting endurance of the house is a critical undertaking of the Tiwanese fittingness nine. But that entirely is non plenty. A good known nine seen growing in the past decennary is the California Fitness Clubb holding centres across the state. Functional Area Objectives for Strategic Decision Making Two sets of factors impinge upon the firm’s endurance and growing. The first is the set of factors which are internal to the house and are mostly governable. These internal factors are pick of engineering. efficiency of labour. competency of managerial staff. company image. fiscal resources. etc. The 2nd set of factors act uponing the firm’s ability to guarantee endurance and growing are those which are external to the house and over which it has little or no control. These external. environmental factors refer to authorities policy. Torahs and ordinances. altering client gustatory sensations. attitudes and values. increasing competition etc Top Management Support Goal puting to be successfully implemented it is of import that it has the full backup and support of the top direction. In the procedure of execution. for California Fitness Clubb redefining of aims which in bend may take to occupations being redefined. restructured or even wholly scrapped in some instances. This is bound to take to struggles and clash and top direction intercession may frequently be required to comfort disturbed emotions and happen practical solutions. Top direction demands to exhibit great forbearance. apprehension and doggedness to see end puting through its teething age. Developing Concerted Relationships A relationship will be maintained and will thrive merely when it satisfies the participants’ demands and outlooks. In a reciprocally helpful atmosphere. the participants tend to collaborate instead than vie in sharing limited resources or wagess. In work organisations. the people compete for limited resources—pay additions. publicities. power and acknowledgment. Development of a concerted work civilization depends on three factors: 1 Shareable end:The perceptual experience that the end is shareable by the staff members all mutualist operation. there exist at least one superior end which can be achieved merely if the members cooperate. 2 Perceived power of all members:The perceptual experience that all members have power sufficiency to utilize in a benevolent or a malevolent mode. depending upon their single pick. 3 Trust:A minimal degree of trust prevailing among the staff that power of the other party will non be used in a malevolent mode. The present degree of trust is a merchandise of past experience and self-fulfilling prognostication. The more swearing the members become. the more likely it is that they will prosecute in concerted relationships in hereafter. Deciding Problems: A close relationship will be maintained by constructing trust. credence and support. At times when one member may go angry with the other for neglecting to run into the psychological contract. When this occurs. the first party should constructively face the 2nd. How good the two grip such an interpersonal job will bespeak the deepness of the relationship. In a narrow relationship. one member may disregard the destructive behaviour of the other. hut in a mature relationship. nevertheless. both parties should prosecute in constructive confrontation in order to better the quality of the relationship. Case Analysis Hiring good people is a comparatively simple undertaking as compared to the undertaking of retaining them. people may fall in a company because of its favourable image but will remain on merely if they find grasp for. and satisfaction from. their work in California Fitness Clubb To retain gifted people the director should supply a comfy working environment which is contributing to work. More of import than the physical environment is the grade of freedom which a worker enjoys. in doing determinations within the defined parametric quantities of his occupation. ORGANISING Skill As it is seen. be aftering specifies the future class of way of an organisation. The forming procedure follows the planning procedure. While be aftering specifies what will be achieved when. forming specifies who will accomplish what and how it will be achieved. To understand the organizing procedure affecting the people and occupations in an organisation. . Forming involves designation of specific occupations. grouping of occupations of similar nature. figure of occupations to be included in a specific group and make up ones minding how many people a director can efficaciously supervise. An incorporate web of people. their occupations and their on the job relationships finally constitutes the construction of the organisation. Therefore. the forming accomplishments can be loosely spelled out as The director should be able to use his forming accomplishment when major alterations take topographic point in the environment or engineering or scheme. He has to form himself and his colleagues to measure how important the duty becomes when he has limited resources available with him. yet he wants to accomplish the best he can. LEADING SKILLS Business Administration in the fittingness industry requires that the leader must understand the values. personality. perceptual experience and attitudes of the people. As an single one acts otherwise from another person because of his values. personality. perceptual experience and attitudes. This is a really of import factor in relation to the other individual who may be his superior or subsidiary. Scope Opportunities Comparison Method for the fittingness nine Valueis a strong belief that a individual holds about a specific manner of behavior and the importance of that strong belief to the individual. While comparing his rankings with his superior or subsidiary. there are possibilities of differences with him. These differences have to be taken into history when one deals with people and utilize the values that are most of import to them to actuate them to work. Personalityis a sum sum of personal traits or features of an person. It is besides a conglobation of the forces within the person. Ones personality is determined by his physical fundamental law. beliefs and values in 1s civilization and the state of affairss which have alone influence on him. One will happen that all he has marked for himself has a footing in his physical fundamental law. beliefs and values. some important state of affairss in his life. his household background. age. disposition. He and the individuals he works with surely differ in these respects. Perceptis the procedure by which persons organize and interpret their feelings of the environment around them. Hearing. seeing or smelling or experiencing or savoring a stimulus semen before it is processed and construe it. In picking up a stimulation. processing and construing it. frequently the world and perceptual experience are distorted. Persons ever try to minimise the alterations in comprehending any thing. Directors and subsidiaries. for illustration. distort messages or other’s sentiments or behavioural forms. One may wish to choose a stimulation in a peculiar manner. Long drawn planning boosts the chances by supplying energy. Attitudeis a person’s inclination to experience and act in a peculiar mode towards an object or a individual such as organization’s choice programme or a manager’s planning attack or a co-worker. One can non straight observe it. but its effects can be observed. Attitudes are learned. They have three facets. i. e. cognitive. affectional and behavioural. merely one of which. behavioral. can be observed. The cognitive facet of the attitude refers to the beliefs perceptual experiences and thoughts about his attitude towards a individual or state of affairs. The affectional facet of the attitude refers to the feelings and emotions about 1s attitude towards a individual or object or state of affairs. The behavioural facets refer to the action facet of the attitude. The three facets of the attitude of persons are: Cognitive facet: Ones attitude towards 1s subsidiary may be he likes to see consequences of the work done by him or her. while appreciating the work inside informations. Ones subsidiary may be interested merely in consequences without holding any involvement in the elaborate account of the work. Both he and his subsidiary show him single perceptual experience. belief and thoughts about his several attitudes towards work. Decision Leading accomplishments require understanding and working with different people. The direction accomplishment of leading reflects 1s the organizations-to influence followings by understanding the leader’s ain abilities and his impact on others. This accomplishment is based on the interaction between the leader. behaviour and state of affairs in which it is applied. The Chinese fittingness centres have set an universe category illustration for more benefits or respects than load or costs for followings who help him accomplish the end of the organisation. There must be a positive exchange between the leader and followings in order for group ends to be accomplished. The leader can give wagess to his followings in the signifier of congratulations or pay addition or publicity for achievement of the group end or undertaking. This has positive impact on attitudes. satisfaction and public presentation of the followings. In return. they respect the theoretical account industry and give due respect for his position and regard and believe in his heightened influence. BLIOGRAPHY Hill Publishing Co. New York

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Gold Price In The Us Essays - Precious Metals, Inflation, Pricing

Gold Price In The Us The largest demand for gold is in jewelry and investments. Gold is known as a metal that is easily used and has many industrial applications. Since gold is so durable and luxurious, many people invest in jewelry, stocks, and gold bonds. Considering the fact that gold is considered a world-wide valuable good, many economies have gold reserves to help protect themselves in times of need. Nevertheless, factors of supply and demand have contributed to the decrease of the price of gold, which has reached an all time low since 1978. This reduction has raised many concerns in the United States having them weigh the different factors of the price, supply and demand, and consumption that may be affecting the price change. The price change commands attention since gold serves to indicate price stability or inflation. Although, inflation is not as threatening in the United States because it is more industrialized, the bigger fear is facing deflation with our countries gold currency. Gold averaged 294 dollars per ounce in 1998, when at one time the prices were in the mid $400-500 per ounce. Due to fact that gold prices have been so low, Central Banks have threatened to sell their gold inventories fearing that gold is no longer considered the ultimate store of value. Regardless, prices have continued to fluctuate in both directions throughout the year, but it is important to weigh the different variables that are having an effect on the price. There are different factors associated with the supply and demand which have caused prices to decrease. First of all, the record low prices in the past year has caused investors to participate less causing prices to be determined largely on gold's own supply and demand fundamentals and the economic environment. The supply of gold declined by less than 2% during 1998. The price reduction started to impact the mine production by slowing the rate of manufacture growth by the end of 1998. When prices began to weaken, this caused many mines to shut down, leaving low grade ore in the ground. This alone is effecting the mine output and the cost to produce more gold. On the other hand, the sales of gold jewelry are increasing at a record pace, since the economy is strong, there are low gold prices, rising consumption rates, the emergence of new discount chains, television shopping, and electronic chains (Haubrich, Joseph). The growing demand for gold jewelry helped push gold usage in the United Sates to a first time report of 428.4 metric tons in 1998, which is an 18% increase. Since consumption has been driven in the United States, our economy is expanding and consumers are spending more. During the past year, according to the JCK national poll, over 150 independent jewelers support the figures. They found that two-thirds of respondents (68%) said they had a sales increase over the past year, while the other two out of five (38%) claimed to have sales gains of 20% or more. Over all, the immediate gain for jewelry retail due to the lower prices was a 15 % increase. Using the statistics from the Commodity Price Index, for the last 12 months in 1998, it is evident that the second half of the years prices fluctuated. In the first part of 1998, the gold price ranged from $295.90 - 297.49, although it peaked in April reaching to $308.40, which was the highest for the year. The price increase was due to higher demand of consumers and the expansion in investments during that time period, in spite of the fact, prices did not continue to remain as high for the remainder of the year. In fact, the following month of May, dropped another $9.01, having the rate of gold at $299.39. As for the second half of the year, prices still dropped but managed to stay in the low $290's making retailers prosperous. Regardless consumers were happy with the lower prices, many investors and miners have been struggling to feel the same towards the lower rate. Stocks have lost over 90% percent of their investments in gold and have many investors wondering if the value of gold is depreciating. Miners too, are worried about the lower prices considering they have been the major producers of gold in the past and in future markets. The idea that central banks have discussed to sell partial amounts of their gold reserves has investors worried with hopes that demand will not continue to decrease. When evaluating

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Forgiveness is For Life essays

Forgiveness is For Life essays This is the first time I read the Bible. Even though I ¡Ã‚ ¯ve never seen it before, it also gives me a very deep impression. The story  ¡Ã‚ ° The Parable of Prodigal Son ¡ reminds me of one person, who ever was my best friend but hadn ¡Ã‚ ¯t met for a long time. Maybe we were both so young at that time that we couldn ¡Ã‚ ¯t forgive each other. But when I am growing up, I do miss her. If I asked for her forgiveness before, I wouldn ¡Ã‚ ¯t lose her friendship. Just like the father how to treat his younger son in the story, I believe forgiveness is very important in our life. I have realized that tolerance is significant for our peaceful action with each other. Forgive what has happened in the past and no longer let it have an influence on the present and future. Why forgiveness is so important? Here are three reasons. The first reason why forgiveness is important is that it is one of the ways we can express love. Love is a deep and tender feeling of affection for, or devotion to a person, or one person for another. Like the father said to his servant when his son came back,  ¡Ã‚ ° Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him ¡Ã‚ ­bring hither the fatted calf and kill it. ¡  ¡Ã‚ °He was lost, and is found ¡(233) From these words, we can know the father forgave his son and gave him enough warmth. But in real life, many people refuse to forgive. Forgiving somebody whom you have a reason to hate is certainly not easy. Indeed we can say that it is one of the most difficult things to do in our life, like I did before. But once we decide to forgive someone wrongfully harming us, we will love him or her unconditionally. Secondly, I think it is because we ¡Ã‚ ¯ve all got faults and we often make mistakes that not only affect ourselves, but the people around us. It is possible that the person you don ¡Ã‚ ¯t forgive today will be the one you're asking for forgiveness tomorrow. So if we would rather choose revenge or punishment, it will ...

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Internatoinal trade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Internatoinal trade - Essay Example Statistics shows that the world output rose from 16% to 22% between 1980 and 2007 (Zymek 2010: p. 2). During this period, the word’s GDP increased significantly. There are various reasons for the growth in the world’s trade during this period. Many people have argued that the removal of the trade barriers is one of the major factors which have contributed to the growth of international trade. Trade barriers are the impediments to free trade. Impositions of trade barriers discourage international trade. One of the main international trade barriers are tariffs. Over this period, the average tariff rates among the most powerful economies reduced significantly. Zymek (2010) argues that the recent growth in international trade resulted from the fact that many open economies had become less homogenous with time. The classical trade theory proposes that the differences in the relative factor endowments encourage specialization in the international goods market. This realizatio n has significantly led to an increase in the level of interdependence among different economies. Consequently, this has led to an increase in the level of interdependence among these countries. The more the countries become specialized, the higher the level of goods they produce. This contributes to the growth of the international trade. ... quantitative restrictions) as a method of controlling imports Differences between tariffs and quota In various economies, there are many ways through which the government can protect the domestic competing industries. That is, through a quota or a tariff. One of the main areas where these policies differ is on the magnitude of protection of each. Quotas provide more protection to the domestic industries due to the fact that they limit the quantities of particular product which is allowed to enter into the country (Suranovic, not dated: par 3). On the other hand, tariffs protect the domestic industries by just raising the level of prices. Importance of tariffs over quotas (quantitative restrictions) In most cases, tariffs are preferred to quotas. There are several reasons why many governments prefer tariff to quotas. To start with, a tariff generates revenue to the government (Suranovic, not dated: par3). This is more so when the tariff is unprohibitive in nature. Once imposed, tariff will automatically generate revenue for the government. On the other hand, quotas may not generate revenue to the government. However, this will depend on the manner in which the quota is administered. Quotas administered on the first come served basis will rarely generate revenue for the government. On the other hand, a quota administered by selling of tickets will generate some income for the government (Suranovic, not dated: par 4). The administrative costs between these two forms of trade control differ significantly. Some of the processes involved in tariff collection involves the identification of the product which is then followed by collection and processing of the fees. On the other hand, the trade control through quotas

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Examine the nature of the distinctive managerial,organisational and Essay

Examine the nature of the distinctive managerial,organisational and developmental characteristics of small business visavis large companies.What are the impli - Essay Example Small businesses have distinct features in terms of management organization and development structures. According to Wood (1981), Business objectives are negotiated outcome of the inter play of power and influence between owners of property (capital) and those who do not own properties in the industrial field. (Monsted, 2005) In management, small scale businesses are usually owner-managed while in large scale businesses management has a formal structures with well articulated portfolios that are occupied by professionalism their field of business. Management has been charged with the responsibility of formalizing a coherent long-term industrial relations strategy. Successful small-scale firms engage in strategic management either knowingly and with a set vision or even unknowingly without any set vision. Success is related to sound management while failure shows management is somehow wanting. In the management of small firms owner-managers pursue personal goals which are geared by personal visions; this to some extent hinders achievement of success in the business relative to their large counterparts. This is different from the management in large firms because managers are directly answerable to the stakeholders. (Burns, 2007) In small firms' owner-managers, being the principal stakeholder, in most cases play a multiplicity of roles in management, thus the probability of poor decision-making is higher compared to large firms resulting to inappropriate actions due to lack of efficient management attention to issues that are strategic. (Nooteboom, 1994) Analysis of labor management in small firms commanded little attention during the 80's. Human resource management is a new type of management that is widely used in large companies to quite a great success and has since been introduced in the small firms as well. Previously, it was argued that industrial relations and personnel management in small firms was inexistent thus leading to exploitation of employees. Whereas as large companies dictate supplier relationship, the owners of small businesses are denied options regarding the way they manage labor as considering cost constraints and meeting targets for quality takes away the liberty of independent decision making. Research conducted in the personal field tends to focus on the large firms employing more that 100 employees on a full time basis at the expense of small firms. Small firms put more emphasis on the fields of accounting over personnel management (Nooteboom, 1994). The characteristics of personal ownership, independence and lack of marketing power are unique to the small businesses. These characteristics produce the constraints on management produce the constraints on management and financial resources that are an inevitable consequence of small scale, independence plays to the advantage of the small businesses is that decision making is fast and does not have to undergo all kind of bureaucratic stages as witnessed in large businesses. (Nooteboom, 1994) This saves time and if they make the right decision, they reap the whole of the returns. In small business, there is always room for innovation. This makes the small business to be able to come up with new products and services for the various markets. However, ideas developed in small-scale businesses are not likely to prosper because

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Employer branding definition Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Employer branding definition - Assignment Example Employer branding that had begun as an innovative advertising medium for organisations has now become an essential part of organisational strategy. Ambler and Barrow (1996) define employer branding as the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment and identified with the employing company (cited in Barrow & Moseley, 2005, p.xvi). Ambler and Barrow (1996) assert that employer branding helps in focusing on organisational priorities, increasing productivity, improving recr4uitment, retention and commitment. This discourse explores different factors that necessitate employer branding and its benefits. A valued employer brand is preferred to money in current economy. Employers establish credibility through branding by adopting a myriad of practices and approaches, which includes a component of alignment of organisational values with HR strategies like employee satisfaction, employee motivation, trust, innovation, improved performance etc. Besides edu cating potential employees of the organisation’s policies and establishing a good image, employer branding also aims at employee retention by adopting practices that educate employees of organisational goals and commitment towards employees. Employee retention is extremely important for organisations because of the time and costs invested in employees’ recruitment, training, and other facilities. It is also important to save employees from competitors that are constantly looking out to attract the best talent through money and/or other benefits. It is generally recognized that intellectual and human capital is the foundation of competitive advantage in the modern economy (Berthon Ewing & Hah, 2005, p.152). In this perspective, job sculpting has emerged as a path by which people are matched to the jobs thereby giving considerable significance to their deeply embedded life interests. This way, organisations provide opportunities to their employees to pursue career goals of their interest, a great way to retain people (Findlay, 2008). Technological advances are driving employers to continuously seek innovation and higher expertise in order to tackle the global and local competition. Globalization has resulted in substantial decrease in available skills in the local markets; this has strengthened the need for employee retention, which organisations are achieving through employer branding. A comprehensive program for employer branding is the total reward system in which HRM entails a wide competitive proposition as developed by Towers Perrin. This four-quadrant model comprises of transactional rewards and relational rewards. Transactional rewards are given to employees in relation to pay packages and benefits like pensions, holidays, healthcare etc (Armstrong & Brown, 2006). This is a comprehensive framework for implementing effective employer branding proposition that facilitates employee retention and also motivates employees through engagement, lea rning and development thereby enhancing employee commitment and organisational performance. Moroco and Uncles (2008) conducted a qualitative research to assess characteristics of successful and unsuccessful employer brands; this study identified certain HR metrics, employment experience, and alignment between HR and marketing as the core indicators for successful employer branding. HR metrics graded against industry standards or average determine success of employer brand include percentage of job offers accepted; number of applicants per role; average length of tenure; average staff turnover; and level of staff engagement. Considering employment as a product offered to employees, their experience with employment is dependent upon organisation’s culture, policies and processes. Further, marketing and HR functions play a significant role in providing the best employment experience through psychological contract between employees and the organisation. From HR perspective, emplo yer branding aids in job satisfaction, employee motivation, employee

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MIND Charity Analysis Expansion Plan

MIND Charity Analysis Expansion Plan Evaluation of MINDs Internal and External Environment in  Light of Its Expansion Plans The aim of this report was to analyze the internal and external environments of MIND in relationship to its expansion plan. MIND is one of the leading mental health care providers around the UK and wanted to provide special services to domestic violence victims from the London Borough of Camden. There are various internal factors that determine the success of the organization. These factors include the management, the employees and the investors while the external factors include the government regulations and natural causes. Others include political, economic, ecological, socio-cultural and technological issues. MIND could proceed with its expansion plan but it needed to establish networks on the ground beforehand, carry out more extensive research and legally prepare itself for the launch in the area. Introduction In this report, the first part present the internal environment of the MIND containing the corporate governance, mission and vision statement , stakeholders and analysis organizational structure of MIND . The second part describe evaluation and analyses of the external environment of MIND followed by conclusion and recommendations on how the MIND should manage its enlargement to succeed a professional service in the London borough of Camden . MIND is a mental health charity in the United Kingdom that provides counsel and support to empower mental health patients by carrying out campaigns on service improvement, creation of awareness and promotion of understanding of the mental health issues in the UK.       An organizations corporate governance, mission, stakeholders and vision are the most important aspects of the organization. They are the ones that provide the management with the direction and guidance with respect to what to do when, where and how in order to maintain the public image and performance of the organization (Bartkus Glassman, 2008, p.207). MIND is alive to this facts and that is why it has these important organizational fabrics in place. These form the internal environment of the organization. Stakeholders of MIND Stakeholder refers to an individual or a group of individuals that have justifiable interest in an organization and can either be affected or affect the organization. Stakeholders can be classified as either primary or secondary (Menassa Baer, 2014, p.207). Primary stakeholders refer to individuals or groups that are directly affected by the decisions of the organization and they include investors, strategic customers and employees. Secondary stakeholders on the other hand are those with indirect interests in the organization and they include associations, the media, competition, government and customers (Menassa Baer, 2014, p.208). Stakeholders can also be classified as either internal or external. Internal stakeholders are those within the organization including managers, board of trustees, employees and investors while external stakeholders include individuals or groups that are not within the organization itself but affect or are affected by the operations and performance of th e organization and they include suppliers, regulators, consumers and investors (Menassa Baer, 2014, p.210). The internal stakeholders of MIND include the donors, the Council of Management, Trustees, employees and other investors. On the other hand, the external stakeholders include the suppliers, people with mental health problems and their close families for instance their spouses, government regulators like the Charity Commission, competitors such as SANE and donors. Corporate Governance of the MIND Youssef (2010, p.1) defines corporate governance as a system of practises, processes and rules on which a companys management bases their management functions of planning, controlling, directing and coordinating. It encompasses the process of striking a balance between the interests of the various stakeholders which include the management, the shareholders, the suppliers, the customers, the government, financiers as well as the community. It addresses the issues that emanate from the separation of ownership and control while establishing a distinct relationship between the managers and shareholders of any organisation. Harford, et al., (2012, p.108) state that corporate governance provides a scaffold for achieving the objectives of the company thus comprising every sphere of management including action plans, internal controls, corporate disclosure and measures of performance. The corporate governance framework for MIND is founded on the Board of Trustees which is referred to as the Council of Management and aims at ethical management and transparent use of donations as the MIND is a charity organization that relies on donations for its activities. The MIND President is in charge of the day-to-day running of the organisation and reports to the Council of Management (MIND, 2017b). The president is regarded as the organisations figurehead and primary emissary in charge of promoting the organisations courses. The MINDs president is the embodiment of the organisations credibility, values, authority and trustworthiness (MIND, 2017b). Mission Statement of MIND A Mission Statement is a written statement of declaration that describes an organizations central function, markets and competitive advantage with an unchanging focus over time (Cady, et al., 2011, p.63). Mission statements serve to sieve what is important to the organization and what is not while clearly stating the organizations target markets and how they will be served while communicating a clear sense of direction to the organization (Cady, et al., 2011, p.63). MINDs mission is providing advice and support while empowering individuals with mental health problems (MIND, 2017). Additionally, the organization pushes for service improvement, creation of awareness and promotion of understanding. Vision Statement of the MIND According to Cady, Wheeler, DeWolf and Brodke (2011, p.63), a vision statement refers to a description of what a firm yearns to achieve in its mid- and long-term future in the form of mid-term and long-term goals. Vision statements act as comprehensible guide to selecting current and prospective courses of action. The vision statement of MIND is that the organization wont give up until everyone with mental health problems is accorded support and respect (MIND, 2017). Organizational Structure of MIND The system with which an organization uses to establish a form of structure and hierarchy within its management is referred to as an organizational structure (Dees, 2012, p.232). An organizational structure has clear-cut and definite job descriptions within the company and where each of the job levels are supposed to report. This structure is created to determine the way in which the firm operates and helps in the attainment of the organizational goals for purposes of future growth. The structure is often exemplified by an organizational chart. There are different classifications of organizational structures with each classification depending on the classifiers school of thought (Dees, 2012, p.233). The most common organizational structures include the functional, divisional, traditional hierarchy and matrix organizational structure. The organizational structure at MIND is divisional. In a divisional organizational structure, the leadership of the organization is structured according to the various projects, geographical territories, products, or a combination of several of these. This structure is synonymous with large organizations that either operates in a large geographic area or has several separate smaller firms operating semi-autonomously under the umbrella group to cover different market segments, product ranges or service types (MIND, (2017c). At the peak of MINDs management structure is the Council of Management whose functions include acting as trustees to the charity and directors of the company. However, the organization also has a subsidiary called the MINDs Matter Limited which deals in the organizations trading activities. Additionally, the charity has other connected trustees including the Elliott Charity and the Mary Hemingway Rees Memorial Fund (MIND, 2016, p.23). At the very bottom level of th e management structure is the MIND Network which is made up of local MIND Associations operating as separate entities complete with individual financial activities and related estimates. Advantages of Divisional Organizational Structure There are a number of advantages associated with the divisional organizational structure. First, due to its foundation on a massive delegation of power and authority, the performance of individual sections and divisions within the organization can directly be measured (Bao Wang, 2011, p.81). This is because each of the divisions executes their activities independently. Consequently, unprofitable divisions can be done away with while measures can be taken to provide the necessary support for the profitable divisions. Secondly, the development of division heads ensures that each of the managers takes care of all the functions that are related to the products under their division. Consequently, there is increased accountability for sales and profits for each division. This helps in the skills development among the division heads while enhancing their performance and employee morale for each of the divisions (Bao Wang, 2011, p.81). With autonomous local MIND Associations and the variou s charities within the MIND Management structure, the charity is able to meet its performance goals and objectives as employees are motivated and there is increased accountability among the autonomous structures (MIND, 2017c). Thirdly, a divisional structure shortens the decision-making process as every division within the organization is independent ((Bao Wang, 2011, p.82). Consequently, it is easy to change the size of the business by simply adding or removing divisions as the division heads can execute any decision that affects their division without necessarily consulting with other heads of other divisions. Furthermore, there is more efficient and effective ability with respect to the various coordinating activities between and among the various divisions within the organization as there is role distinction between them. There is equally enhanced flexibility when it comes to responding to alterations and modifications in the local market. Lastly, divisional organizational structure leads to more specialization of divisional expertise among employees. With specific skills being brought on board within the management structure of the MIND, the organization ensures that there is specialization of expert ise which enhances the performance of the MIND. Disadvantages of Divisional Organizational Structure In spite of its numerous advantages that the divisional organizational structure presents to MIND, there a several disadvantages that the structure has that may be detrimental to the organization. First, there is a likelihood of experiencing conflicts between divisional heads as everyone would want to establish their supremacy within the organization by demanding maximum resources for their divisions to gratify their own ego (Bao Wang, 2011, p.84). Secondly, there is a high likelihood of duplication of functions among the various divisions within the organization. For instance, some of the roles undertaken by the MINDs Matter subsidiary could be done by Local MIND Associations. This role duplication leads to misuse of resources within the organization and the cost of operation eventually increases gratuitously. There is equally a reasonable likelihood of the various divisional heads having a selfish attitude as they try to exhibit their better performance even at the expense of other divisions within the organization (Bao Wang, 2011, p.83). When this selfish interest spreads across the organization, it becomes a concern for the various stakeholders within the organization. Office politics are a common phenomenon in firms that practice divisional organizational structure (Bao Wang, 2011, p.86). This may lead to wastage of important time and other resources that would have been used in the strategic thinking that is beneficial to the organization. Additionally, divisions within the organization lead to compartmentalization which in the end results in incompatibilities among company products and services (Bao Wang, 2011, p.87). Since when it was founded in 1946, MINDs organizational structure has proved to be beneficial to the organization. Therefore, it is an effective structure owing to t he numerous advantages that it presents to the organization. An organizations external environment comprises of all the outside that elements and factors that impact the organizations operations (Al-Debei Avison, 2010, p.359). In order for the organization to survive, it must act or react upon these factors. The external environment is subdivided into micro and macro environment with the micro environment being made up of all the elements that directly affect the operations of the firm and the macro environment being made up of all the factors that the firm typically has no control over (Al-Debei Avison, 2010, p.359). The triumph of the firm depends on how quickly it adapts to these factors within the external environment. MIND is set to undertake an expansion exercise aimed at providing specialized services in the area of London borough of Lewisham. The London borough of Camden is one of the 32 local authority districts found within the Greater London administrative area. This London borough is found towards the north-west of London with its principal settlement being Camden. The borough is administered by the Camden London Borough Council. Geographically, the London Borough of Camden is located to the northern of London city stretching from Bloomsbury and Holborn towards the south to Hampstead Heath towards the north. The borough borders the City of Westminster and the City of London on its southern side, Barnet and Haringey towards its north and Brent and Islington to the west and east respectively. External Environmental Analysis using PEST According to Blery, Katseli and Tsara (2010, p.58), PEST analysis refers to one of the concepts in marketing principles that is used as a tool by organizations to keep an eye on the environment in which they are transacting their day to day operations or in which they are planning to launch a new product, service or project. PEST is in fact an acronym standing for political, economic, social and technological. These are the external factors that often influence the various activities the organization undertakes. The tool was created in 1967 by a Francis Aguilar and can work alone or be used in combination with other tools to help organizations and companies to enhance their decision making process and timing (Blery, et al., 2010, p.59). POLITICAL Camden community law centre Squatting law SOCIO-CULTURAL High male and female life expectancy (above 80) High Children conception rate of between 17% 24% High rates of worthlessness among the population High prevalence of childhood obesity of between 19% 22% High rates of children being looked after ECONOMIC Very low economic growth Low number of jobs per resident of working age Business survival rates are satisfactorily over 70% Poor employment rates of below 18% High rates of education levels TECHNOLOGICAL Division of Information Technology Use of technology in policing efforts City-wide IT utilization efforts Political Environment for Camden The political environment for Camden refers to factors such as the trends in government policies and the various relationships between government agencies and the business community. These factors affect the legal framework that MIND will adopt when launching its operations in Camden. Additionally, these factors affect the specific market conditions that affect the behavior of the consumers of the services offered by MIND and the amount of assistance the charity stands to obtain from the area government. With the Labour party having the most representation in the local council followed by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats respectively, there is optimism for favorable political environment for the operations of the Charity in Camden. The security status in the area is guaranteed and therefore, the organization can feel safe while undertaking its operations in the region. Additionally, there have been a number of legislations that are aimed at providing the best environment f or the charity (Blery, et al., 2010, p.59). Economic Factors The two year business survival rate in Camden is rated at over 70% but the economic growth rate in the area is very low. The population is highly educated with a sizeable number of people having attained higher education with degrees. The number of jobs available for each resident of the borough of working age is very low leading to high unemployment rates in the area. The London Community foundation has a number of funding opportunities for the Camden region that are aimed at transforming the living conditions of the region. In 2016, the borough received $13.2 from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grant was meant for the replacement of the substandard housing that was widespread in the region with mixed-income housing. Apart from these grants, there are several other grants that have given out in Camden to support victims of domestic violence. For instance the Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee received a $1,000 grant from the NSW government to support the committees projects that aim at creating awareness on domestic violence as well as family violence (Patterson, 2016). Before this, there was the Verizon Foundation grant of $7,500 that was awarded to the Centre for Family Services that is based in Camden and provides human services (Rutolo, 2011). This grant was directed to the establishments domestic violence solution that involved the creation of a teen dating violence awareness video. These therefore provide precedence for what MIND expects to get when it launches its operations in the region with regards to the economic factors of the region. Socio-cultural Environment Aspects of the socio-cultural environment include the lifestyles of the population, the sex distribution, social classes, minorities, emphasis on safety, population growth rate, age distribution and life expectancy. Others include the size and structure of the families, their attitude towards career, work, leisure and retirement among others. The London borough of Camden has high life expectancy for both men and female at 80 years but the children conception rate of 17% 22% is very high for such a region with most of this happening in the rural. More adults feel worthless as attributed to the high rates of unemployment which leads to high dependency ratios. According to Hopscotch Asian Womens Centre, 80% of Asian women in Camden experience sexual abuse, over 60% undergo financial abuse while 50% experienced physical and emotional abuse from their family members (Hotscotch, 2012, p.5). This information presents a dire need for domestic abuse services for people in this area. This the refore presents an opportunity for MIND to launch their product in the area. Technological Environment There has been a lot of technological developments that have happened and these affects the way in which businesses carry out their operations. These technological influences include product and process innovations that affect the way in which businesses transact their businesses. They present opportunities and threats to organizational operations that are important for gaining competitive advantage and are important drivers of organizational expansion. The London borough of Camden has witnessed the double edge of technology. Technology has played an important role in the reporting of domestic violence cases as well as collection of evidence from scenes such as screenshots, recordings and printing abusive emails. However, abusers have equally exploited technology to cover their tracks and commit criminal acts. According to Cogno (2016), there has been a rise in the number of domestic violence crimes in Camden prompting the establishment of a victims centre that is technologically enh anced to help victims recover as well as address other domestic violence related cases. This centre is enhanced by technology. Recommendations for Managing Expansion MIND can expand its operations to cover Camden because the area is in need of domestic violence counseling and assistance from a charity organization of MINDs magnitude. However, there are several recommendations that I believe if the organization needs to succeed in the provision of services in the area, it must consider them. First, there is need for the organization to carry out an extensive background research of the area from time to time to ensure that it sets achievable goals in its operations in the area. Secondly, there is need to align the charity with the regulations and registration requirement for the London borough of Camden in order to avoid litigations that could drain its resources or even stop its provision of services in the area. Thirdly, there is need for the organization to find ways of providing funding for their operations. Charity organizations rely on donor funding and volunteerism to carry out their operations in regions they operate. Additionally, there will be need for the charity to capitalize on the available resources and build networks around the Camden area in order for the organization to establish itself around the borough. Since there are organizations that are already working to address the problem in the area, MIND will be better placed if it sought for partnership opportunities with these organizations. MINDs response toward the internal and external environments is responsible for its success over the years. With its planned expansion to the London Borough of Camden, it is noteworthy that the area really needs the special services that MIND plans to offer to the populations. However, before venturing out, it is important for the organization to ready itself as this expansion will take a toll on its resources. The recommendations outlined in this report will keep MIND on a success path even as it launches operations to support victims of domestic violence in Camden. Al-Debei, M.M. and Avison, D., 2010. Developing a unified framework of the business model concept. European Journal of Information Systems, 19(3), pp.359-376. Bao, T. and Wang, Y. (2011). Incomplete contract, bargaining and optimal divisional structure. Journal of Economics, 107(1), pp.81-96. Bartkus, B.R. and Glassman, M., 2008. Do firms practice what they preach? The relationship between mission statements and stakeholder management. Journal of business ethics, 83(2), pp.207-216. Blery, E.K., Katseli, E. and Tsara, N., 2010. Marketing for a non-profit organization. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 7(1), pp.57-68. Cady, S.H., Wheeler, J.V., DeWolf, J. and Brodke, M., 2011. Mission, vision, and values: what do they say?. Organization Development Journal, 29(1), p.63. Cogno, L. (2016). Refuge for domestic violence victims. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Mar. 2017]. Dees, J.G., 2012. A tale of two cultures: Charity, problem solving, and the future of social entrepreneurship. Journal of business ethics, 111(3), pp.321-334. Harford, J., Mansi, S.A. and Maxwell, W.F., 2012. Corporate governance and firm cash holdings in the US. In Corporate Governance (pp. 107-138). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Hopscotch, (2012). Survey of Domestic Violence wi thin Camdens Asian Communities. Hopscotch Asian Womens Centre, pp.1 15. Menassa, C.C. and Baer, B., 2014. A framework to assess the role of stakeholders in sustainable building retrofit decisions. Sustainable Cities and Society, 10, pp.207-221. MIND, (2016). Mind (The National Association for Mental Health). Report and financial statements For the year ended 31 March 2016. London, pp.1 75. MIND, (2017). Our mission | Mind, the mental health charity help for mental health problems. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Mar. 2017]. MIND, (2017b). Our President | Mind, the mental health charity help for mental health problems. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2017]. MIND, (2017c). Our impact | Mind, the mental health charity help for mental health problems. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2017]. Patterson, C. (2016). Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee Receive Grant Chris Patterson. [online] Chris Patterson. Available at: [Accessed 13 Mar. 2017]. Rutolo, M. (2011). CFS Awarded Domestic Violence Solution Grant | Center for Family Services. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Mar. 2017]. Youssef, M.T., 2010. Corporate Governance An Overview-Around the Globe. pp.1-13

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Obsession and the consequence Essay

   Agrippa’s work inspired Frankenstein and he describes the effect of it, as â€Å"a new light seemed to dawn upon my mind†. This is the birth of his obsession As Frankenstein grows older his craving for knowledge dwells and if anything becomes more potent as his obsession grows. One could think that Frankenstein’s thirst for knowledge is partly driven by his fathers comments such as calling the work of Agrippa and such scientists â€Å"trash†, Frankenstein later explains that if instead of such remarks his father had taken time to explain that Agrippa’s principles had all become highly disreputable he would have â€Å"thrown Agrippa aside†. Instead he was left to read the book and decide for himself if it was â€Å"trash† or the highest level of intelligence. During the novel Frankenstein even names his father as the sole contributor to his obsession with science â€Å"if instead of his remarks my father had taken the pains to explain that the principles of Agrippa had been entirely exploded†¦ I should certainly have thrown Agrippa aside†. Frankenstein’s obsession for knowledge is constantly growing especially during his days at Ingolstadt but is accelerated when M Waldman starts to teach him. Frankenstein immediately gains a good understanding and high mutual level of respect for each other â€Å"an aspect expressive of the greatest benevolence†. Waldman later explains that â€Å"miracles† can happen, this gives wind to Frankenstein’s imagination and after Waldman’s Death ultimately leads him to fulfill his wildest dreams to be respected, obtain more knowledge and most importantly â€Å"play God†. Frankenstein’s obsession is at its strongest during the creation of the monster. By this point the thirst for knowledge has even started to take over his inner thoughts â€Å"Cornelius Agrippa, Albertus Magnus and Paracelsus the lords of my imagination†. This shows that due to Frankenstein’s self isolation, working through both day and night â€Å"darkness has no effect upon my mind† he has lost all touch with the borders of society and even reality, furthermore the use of the word Lord implies that Frankenstein looks up to Agrippa etc as if they were Godly figures. One very powerful point that Shelley puts across during the novel is that with desire and obsession come consequences; the most potent example of this comes with the consequences that come with Frankenstein’s ambition that leads to the creation of the monster. After the monster’s creation Frankenstein quickly comes to his senses and sees the now dubbed â€Å"monster† for the monstrosity it is and rejects it â€Å"how can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe†. Now rejected the monster soon learns that rejection and hatred are the only affection he will receive from man, although he does find friendship with an old blind man for a while but he is soon discovered by the man’s family, beaten and driven away. This shows that although he meant well only hatred and loneliness came as a consequence of Frankenstein’s selfishness. Now realizing he must live in solitude the monster goes back to Frankenstein to ask him to create a companion for him, â€Å"you must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being†¦ I demand it of you as a right that you must not refuse to concede†. This statement shows that there is a degree of control about the monster’s persona with regards to Frankenstein; furthermore the word demand implies that instead of asking Frankenstein to do this he is now ordering him as if he were a superior power and intellect, this is another consequence. Frankenstein is reluctant to fulfill the monsters request as he knows it will more than likely double the problem, Frankenstein explains his reasons for this to the monster, the monster brushes these aside and blames Frankenstein solely for any misfortunes he has endured and uses persuasive and empathetic language in order to change Frankenstein’s mind, â€Å"have I not suffered enough that you seek to increase my misery† this language Shelley uses makes the reader start to sympathise for the monster. In addition to this the monster threatens not just Frankenstein but his loved ones also, â€Å"if I cannot inspire love I will cause fear† this is a threat aimed at Frankenstein’s one real weak point his family. Frankenstein eventually agrees to make his companion and is told â€Å"I shall watch the progress with unutterable anxiety†¦ when you are ready I shall appear†, this implies that now that Frankenstein has agreed to take the task he cannot escape it unscathed. When Frankenstein eventually decides not to complete his â€Å"most abhorred task† the monster is enraged and holds to his threat â€Å"if I can not inspire love I will cause fear†. Because of Frankenstein’s refusal to make the monster a companion the monster starts to kill his family, starting with his younger brother Will, he later kills his wife Elizabeth on their wedding night and then his father dies, this is but another consequence of his obessesion. The death that seems to effect Frankenstein most is that of Elizabeth, he describes the effect as â€Å"why am I here to retale the destruction of the best hope an purest creature of Earth†, this means that he has played a major part in the destruction of not only his wife but the â€Å"purest being on Earth†. Frankenstein eventually pays the ultimate consequence for his creation of the monster with his life. After all the death of his loved ones that he has had to endure Frankenstein finally decides he has nothing more to loose and decides he will find and confront the monster but because of exhaustion he cannot go on, there is a strong sense of irony about the deaths of Frankenstein and his loved ones as they all came as a consequence of Frankenstein wanting to create life. Frankenstein is a well-known classic about on man’s ambition to create life, but ironically as a result of its creation; ultimately life is destroyed. 1 Jack Sponder Explore Discuss and Consider the ways in which Shelley Presents the Discovery Scientific Possibilities, Obsession and Consequences of desire In Frankenstein Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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Credible Nutrition Information Essay

It is four in the afternoon and your feeling that daily slow down after a long day. Some people turn to a chocolate bar, cup of coffee, healthy fruit but many are turning to Red Bull for the boost of energy. However, children these days are exposed to more advertisement each day, which as a result has them also drinking Red Bull. Little do they know that they could very well be harming themselves with every gulp. This paper will provide information on sources that have seen these problems and are now trying desperately to education the public Part A I personally would use Google to find background information on the topic. If I could not do so and I had no idea where to do, I would use an encyclopaedia to search related topics on my own without uses them as sources (i.e. Wikipedia). Furthermore, once I have established the direction in which I desire to go about writing the assignment, I would then look for credited or relevant websites, keeping in mind quality over quantity. The three websites I have chosen for this assignment are the following: 1) This is a very useful websites when you need medical information on health concerns, injuries, diet and much more. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 2) This is practically MSN and the Australian Media. I found this article with information provided by the Australian Drug Foundation’s Drug Info Clearinghouse who is sponsored by the Australian Drug Foundation. Furthermore providing a very interesting news report. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 3) This 2010 Pulitzer Prize winning news paper station has reported direct information regarding this assignment. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 4) What better source to use then the information provided by the company itself. Through I could not find any direct information on the actual effects of red bull on children, I did however find out the major ingredient which is a great starting point to relate back to. The link with regards to this assignment is below: Part B In order to know if my information is accurate, I would check the sources that I am using. For my sources for example: 1) WebMD is a â€Å"content staff blends award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation to bring you the best health information possible.† Furthermore all articles and information is reviewed by an independent medical review board. Additionally I feel that do to the natural and background of this type of website, biasness would not be present. Doctors and medically people alike are all about the health and wellbeing of society and would not give the public false information unless the side effects of the product were not evident to themselves at that time. 2) and Australian Drug Foundation are both extremely creditable entities. With MSN and the Australian media being extremely creditable as they provide a country with up to date information, on the country itself, the world, health and sports. Whereas the Australian Drug Foundation who is sponsored by the Australian Government would not provide inaccurate information that could affect the public and in this example someone across the world. Furthermore I do feel that the media could and have influenced our population on other topics, but when it comes to health but I feel they are right on this their report in this case. 3) The Seattle Times, a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Award winning for achievements in newspaper journalism, literature and musical composition in America. Thus demonstrating their reputation for correct literature. Furthermore I choice this topic because it was directly related to my topic. Furthermore with the prestige’s award of the Pulitzer Prize winner for being a top journalism and literature newspaper, I feel that with that reputation you would not print information that is false and easily discredited. Thus demonstrating how they would not be bias over this article. 4) is the website of the company Redbull who makes the energy drinks that are directly related to my topic. Additionally, do to Government laws and regulations they are required to provide accurate information on their products and also to provide nutritional ingredients and information panels which include calories etc. However I do believe that Redbull would in fact be bias towards their product. If Redbull was to leave all their dirty laundry out in the open over their product they would not have any business. This is why I could not find any information with regards to children drinking Redbull on their websites. They must be aware of some health implications and chooses not to display this on their advertising website. Part C In order to determine if the person providing the information is a credible source of nutritional information I would have to take into consideration what exactly they are writing. With regards to my paper, i believe I have extremely creditable material through the source I am receiving it. On the other hand, I do not necessarily have extremely creditable individuals in the medical field with regards to medical studies besides doing the same research as myself excluding WebMD as this websites as it is run by a board of doctors. Additionally, I would love to personally sit down and interview RedBull as I do not believe in their product and upon exploring the negative health implications I feel that they should not be able to market their product towards children as it is unsafe. As for my other 3 sources, I CREDIBLE NUTRITION INFORMATION: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT would love to sit down and throw ideas off of everyone as to other ways we could inform the public. I would love to know of any personal projects that they are also conducting or involved with. After reviewing my information, I conduct that Red Bull is not acceptable for children, and to be honest, I don’t even know if Red Bull should be consumed period. With many much more healthier alternatives such as fruit, dark chocolate and protein shakes, society should impose a proper diet and they will not feel the effects of an afternoon snag in their energy levels. Reference List NineMSN Tuesday, (August 3rd, 2010). Energy drinks: are they safe?. Retrieved from Nautural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version 2009. Caffeine. Retrieved from Howard Cohen (April 2, 2008). Kids+ energy drinks= dangerous mix. Retrieved from Red Bull. Red Bull Energy Drink. Retrieved from

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When a G od brings a life into the world the child Essays

When a G od brings a life into the world the child Essays When a G od brings a life into the world the child is then given a purpose. The decision is yours to de cide if you want to achieve the destiny that was created for you. As a child I almost lost my opportunity to make a difference in the world. At birth I was premature and un responsive so the doctors had to revive me. As a result of me being a premature baby my heart was very weak which led to me having a severe heart attack at the age of three . Times like those , make me feel " My life would never be the same after . " I say this because thinking back at that very moment , I realized that G od has a purpose for me on this earth and if not he I would have died years ago. So for me to be able write this essay is a privilege. However, for me to not apply myself in my life, my studies, and in my dreams would be a slap in Gods face As Plato would say to do injustice is more disgraceful than to suf fer it . So mediocre is no longer an option, because it is an injustice and with my life I declare to be nothing less than extraordinary. With that sa id, during the duration of my life I decide d to live as if every day was the last. So I joined the cheerleading team . Cheer leading for me was not a new love it was something I have always enjoyed .To Perform, is to inspire , and inspiring is what I have love d to do . F rom birth until now , I have been dedicated to 4 performance activities: cheerleading, Dance , choir, and Theatre ( both inside school and outside of school) . Here recently I realized how confident I became at being in front of crowds it just seemed easier to me with all that I have been doing . With my new found talent I decided to become a part of the spoken word group at my school. As a teen I feel our generation needs more positivity and if each one teaches one than my words can go a long way .With my passion I feel I would be a great person to get a degree in psychology , because I like to see how h umans work, what a group of people stress about, not only to find the problem in someone's life but help them see the potential that they have to better themselves. Yes, me , a juni or in high school can make a difference and to help me do so I have joined three programs since my freshman year : FBLA, The Louisville Upward bound program, and The L EEP program. In upward bound I was awarded the best Spanish student and the most improved math student. Each and every program I am in has helped me keep my eyes on my success and be a better leader with a growing desire for business and a better leader in my community all around. As a result of my growth in leader ship ski lls from both being cheer captain and all of the wonderful programs I am in I became a teen youth leader of Cannan Christian Church , I have a job and I am doing pretty well balancing work, school, and dance. So I feel by taking on more responsibilities and balancing school is good preparation for college because I do understand that life is not all golden but I will have to work through my hard time s to follow the path th at I need to be on. There are two things I would do if I were to be awarded with The LEEP student of the year scholarship, I would further my education and purse my desired degrees in psychology and business. To me education is very important and, I just want to give back to the world the inspiration that the world has given to me. I will be honest. Am I the most perfect student? No but I have

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Free Essays on Bid Peddling And Bid Shopping In The Construction Industry

Bid Peddling and Bid Shopping in the Construction Industry In this paper I will be discussion the effects of bid peddling and bid shopping on the different roles of those involved in the construction industry. I will touch on how prime contractors, sub-contractors, owners, and the design professionals are affected by this practice. A prime contractor submits a bid for a construction project based in part on bids that they have received from subcontractors for work associated with the job. To arrive at the bid figure, they use the lowest bid for each item of work on a project (regardless of who submits the bid, their experience, or reputation) and may then deduct a percentage of the total. To avoid having their bid shopped, subcontractors often submit their bids at the deadline. Once a prime contractor is awarded the contract, they return to the subcontractors and pressure them to knock down their prices in order to get the job. They call in all subcontractors that could bid, showing them the bid price less a percentage for each subcontract. They ask subcontractors to bid for the work with permission to use any means possible to achieve a lower price. Suggest they use all possible contacts with the owner and design professional to allow for changes (under the guise of "value engineering"). They repeat the ab ove steps using the lowest price received each time a subcontract is re-bid until all but one subcontractor drops out of the bidding or there appears to be no further reduction attainable. Prime contractor makes submissions based on the lowest bids received, using all means possible of obtaining approvals (including the threat of legal action). Many times, inadequate designs and scope bids can result in low-ball bidding, where contractors underbid their competitors, knowing that they will pressure the subcontractors to meet their cost demands later in order to get the work. In Bid Peddling, the rules are reversed. Subcontracto... Free Essays on Bid Peddling And Bid Shopping In The Construction Industry Free Essays on Bid Peddling And Bid Shopping In The Construction Industry Bid Peddling and Bid Shopping in the Construction Industry In this paper I will be discussion the effects of bid peddling and bid shopping on the different roles of those involved in the construction industry. I will touch on how prime contractors, sub-contractors, owners, and the design professionals are affected by this practice. A prime contractor submits a bid for a construction project based in part on bids that they have received from subcontractors for work associated with the job. To arrive at the bid figure, they use the lowest bid for each item of work on a project (regardless of who submits the bid, their experience, or reputation) and may then deduct a percentage of the total. To avoid having their bid shopped, subcontractors often submit their bids at the deadline. Once a prime contractor is awarded the contract, they return to the subcontractors and pressure them to knock down their prices in order to get the job. They call in all subcontractors that could bid, showing them the bid price less a percentage for each subcontract. They ask subcontractors to bid for the work with permission to use any means possible to achieve a lower price. Suggest they use all possible contacts with the owner and design professional to allow for changes (under the guise of "value engineering"). They repeat the ab ove steps using the lowest price received each time a subcontract is re-bid until all but one subcontractor drops out of the bidding or there appears to be no further reduction attainable. Prime contractor makes submissions based on the lowest bids received, using all means possible of obtaining approvals (including the threat of legal action). Many times, inadequate designs and scope bids can result in low-ball bidding, where contractors underbid their competitors, knowing that they will pressure the subcontractors to meet their cost demands later in order to get the work. In Bid Peddling, the rules are reversed. Subcontracto...

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PHIL 102 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

PHIL 102 - Essay Example Ethics is taught by use of scenarios with less or no practical value. When learning, an example is given where people are stuck in a boat and they have to eat one person to survive. This is not a practical situation, but is still used to teach ethics and the formulated principles rarely apply in different contexts. This theme helps in showing ways of evaluating actions in a particular circumstance. The theme of life is also highlighted in ethics where it is viewed as a standard of value found in objectivist ethics. It involves use of different views to explain concepts of life and the correct ways of living. It is necessary to have better and integrated views about life to help us live ethically with other people. When contrasting and comparing the views in life, standards of comparison should be set clearly. Normally, life entails more than what meets the eye. Transition is also an important theme in ethics, which tries to show how various behaviors are automated. It also highlights what is involved in changing to a new set of ethics, and the process of identifying if the new ethics are practical. It is not easy to practice an ethical theory and values along with moral premises need to be examined to march rational judgment of the right thing. With time, people change the way in which they view some mannerisms, and whether they are wrong or right. Transition leads to change in perception, which is necessary for every person or community to embrace. Value is a key theme in ethics and it defines what an individual aims at getting after applying ethics. It can be physical; maybe money or belongings, and it can be intangible, maybe physical fitness, pleasure, romance, or friendship. Ethics involves making choices on possible outcomes of choosing values and goals. Value judgment used in determining if an action or occurrence is right or wrong, which

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No topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 56

No topic - Essay Example 2. Group task functions are OD functions that focuses on the technical aspect of the job such identifying problems, formulating plans, executing plans and getting jobs done to meet the objectives of an organization. Group maintenance functions center on people such as listening, reflecting feelings, providing support, coaching and counselling part of OD Process Interventions. These two functions are necessary to work together for the team to become effective and succeed in meeting their objectives. 3. The communication process can help facilitate the intervention of an OD program that could help an individual or group resolve their issue. Managers are tasked to resolve issues in their organizations through OD Process Interventions and part of resolving issues is knowing the problems which is in the questioning, listening, reflecting, coaching and counselling part of OD process. Simply put, communication process is the vehicle that managers can use in a work group to resolve issues through OD Process Interventions. It could also be used as an effective feedback mechanism to be given to groups and individual and they be able to receive it openly to make the intervention more

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Foundations of Finance and Investment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Foundations of Finance and Investment - Essay Example This paper would go to analyse the Impact on UK exchange rate against US$ over last five years due to recent MPC's 1 cut on interest rate. The pragmatic correlation among money, real output and interest rates has been attributed significantly with business cycle, monetary transmission mechanism, aggregate money demand and identification of monetary policy rules. There is no accords of interest rate to which should be included as an empirical models for exchange rate To providing the analyse the interdependency of Interest rate and Exchange rate, Fisher definition would not be relevant to economic analysis. So this paper would follow Keynes and other post-Keynesians notion of real rate and exchange rate. Smithin, J. (2003) mentioned that regulating interest rates for exchange rate cannot guard the purchasing power and it is quite unfeasible to do at the macroeconomic level. There is an empirical evidence of the break in the relationship between interest rates, exchange rate and inflation ever since 1953. The present analysis of UK interest rate cut and impact on US$ are relevant to specifying the monetary policy system pursued by the two monetary authorities. This paper assumes that the monetary authority regulates the short-term ostensible interest rate. According to classical Taylor theory the instrument is set to act in response to domestic inflation as well as output gap. On the other hand in open-economy model specificities more controversial reasoning the set of variables in the direction of which monetary policy can react is superior. The present strategy is to discover the consequences for the equilibrium allotment of simple rules, which lead to equilibrium that can be worked out analytically to understanding the transmission mechanism under open economies. The analyse go with three regimes and label as: - a) a fixed exchange rate; b) a floating exchange rate c) a managed exchange rate, Theoretical Aspect of Interest Rate First level let consider the rules that establish a fixed nominal exchange rate. Pigeon, M. A. (2004) added that it would demonstrate that in principle numerous fixed exchange rate regimes subsist on the specification of the fundamental rules. Thus a floating regime that is defined as a command in which the interest rates in both countries don't respond explicitly to the exchange rate. It would be characterised as where & is non-negative; here its combination of rules as floating command . These rules have been broadly used in the closed-economy literature. Most of the policymaker reacts to precedent movements in the interest rate, present household producer inflation rate and output gap. According to classical Taylor rules, the coefficients and are zeros.2 Benigno, G, & Benigno, P. (2006) argued within the floating-exchange regime, we consider also rules in which the reaction is toward the domestic