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Philosophers Helping America Essay

The paper is about a particular philosopher whose ideas coincide with what is needed of the United States of America. Apparently, lack of common interest among the citizens is one of the problems experienced by the people. The ideas presented by Jean Jacques Rousseau particularly on the origin of inequality answers all the issues that surround lack of common interest among citizens of a country. The first part of the paper will be a discussion about the problem on lack of common interest among citizens of America. It will be followed by a discussion about Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his discourses which is composed of topics about his second essay and its application to the problem of lack of common interest among Americans. Thus, it is submitted that Lack of Common Interest among Citizens of America There are three major important matters that Americans must consider for economic and political progress and these are national security, economic development, and political power. National security is the capability of a country to ensure self-preservation and protection in its internal and external territory. Economic development is a process by which a country is able to remain economically-stable and independent. Political power revolves around the idea that a country must be able to remain politically-powerful in the world. The problem emerges when political leaders and citizens of the country do not have common interests regarding economic and political development. The American people do not hold the same sentiments with respect to national security. Recently, some people are happy when the Bush revolution in foreign policy no longer exists (Daalder & Lindsay 1). But there is a glaring truth that enemies were just lurking within the country. Research studies reported that concern of Americans on sensitive international laws and institutions in relation to war and terror can change the world (Daalder & Lindsay 1). Yet, it is not denied that America allowed alienated allies to be unbound and empowered enemies. As a result, Americans were divided shaking the political values of the country. In addition, Bush administration allowed the existence of overstretched military capabilities and multiplied threats to enemy states. The installation of powerful military operatives in Iraq is one example of overstretching military power. This political strategy however was questioned by so many people. Hence, we are reminded that the United States of America is not omnipotent despite its unmatched political power around the world. The common interest should be the move of American political leaders to work closely with other states and end the devastating war. With respect to economic development in America, the people experienced differences in interest especially on the issue of business outsourcing. Some American businessmen decided to conduct outsourcing with other countries with respect to customer services and other manpower- dominated labor. For these businessmen, outsourcing can give positive results for their business endeavors. Most of the providers of manpower coming from other countries are producing skilled, competitive, and reliable employees (â€Å"Outsourcing Effects on America’s Economy†). Despite the fact that these workers are skilled and competitive, they are amenable to any agreement involving low salary. American companies were able to lessen their company costs due to outsourcing strategy that provides cheap labor. On the other hand, others are questioning the outsourcing strategy of American businessmen because it caused the increase of unemployment rate in the country (â€Å"Outsourcing Effects on America’s Economy†). Some American workers lost their jobs due to the advent of outsourcing manpower resources. The common interest should be the prioritization of American workers in terms of employment in its own country. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and His Discourses The Famous Philosophical Writings of Rousseau Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the most intelligent philosophers of his time. He was an influential thinker that his works gained attention from the people. He also gained influence on other people during the Enlightenment period in 18th century Europe (â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778†). In the year 1970, Rousseau won in an essay contests conducted by the Academy of Dijon by the work â€Å"A Discourse on the Sciences and Arts† (â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778†). The primary argument of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the said philosophical work is that virtue and morality are corrupted due to the progression of science and the arts (â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778†). The second work of Rousseau is entitled â€Å"The Discourse on the Origin of Inequality† which is famous for its extensive explanation of the first discourse. The second philosophical work of Rousseau did not earn him an award from the Academy of Dijon. Immanuel Kant’s writings on ethics were influenced by the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778†). Lastly, the political ideals of Rousseau were used by political leaders during the French Revolution. Discourse on the Origin of Inequality The Philosophical Idea of Jean-Jacques Rousseau The essay of Rousseau entitled â€Å"Discourse on the Origin of Inequality† answers the question on the origin of inequality of men. The four main parts of the essay are dedication to the Republic of Geneva, a brief preface, a primary part, and a secondary part. Rousseau believes that the presence of society is just an invention. He attempted to give an explanation on the nature of men by means of stripping all their unintended attributes brought about by socialization (â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778†). The said work of Rousseau is related to the work of Hobbes and Locke. Application to the Problem The reason why there is lack of common interest among citizens of the United States is the existence of the rich and the poor. Rich and influential individuals continue to decide on matters that satisfies only their personal interest. The least fortunate exert efforts to advance their needs in the society. Since, society is just an invention according to Rousseau, the absence of human needs out of socialization results to the equalization of common interests. Thus, there is a need to eradicate selfish motives in the society and political leaders must work on the common welfare of the people. Rousseau knows that a person is inherently good (Pousi 1). The will of a person to go along with what is needed in the society makes him bad. Money is the cause of all evil. Rousseau used historical explanation in this concept in order to understand the factors irrelevant to human nature (Puosi 1). During those times when money is not yet the most important need in every person, the behavior of mankind is good and there is a lower rate of criminality (Puosi 1). The concept of discrimination was invented when human nature was raised to the level of affluence and power. Basically, a person usually discriminates others if he belongs to a rich and powerful race. Therefore, the irrelevant needs of the people like extraneous power and influence must be eradicated. The need of extra money must not be the reason of service and work in the society. The problem of economic development can only be solved if American merchants will serve first the needs of other American workers before their own needs. In that way, higher rate of unemployment due to outsourcing labor can be solved. The political and economic development changes over time due to the existence of international competition over world power. The concept of terrorism was discovered when other countries wants to rule over the world like America does in terms of political and economic influence and power. The human nature which is kind-hearted and good was replaced by greed and violence when the will to rule the world consumes them. Rousseau is mindful of the abstraction of reason which was tainted by greediness of power over time (Puosi 1). Hence, what is needed is to make reasonable decisions consciously for general welfare and not for seeking selfish motives. Rousseau is also aware the good manners and right conduct, morality, justice, and love are the core values that are normal for a human being. Respect and loyalty towards other people existed many years ago. In fact, agreements between individuals without written contracts were used due to mutual promise to perform obligations. The situation changed when dishonesty and unethical business attitudes came into existence. Rousseau is trying to explain that there could never be a problem if the true essence of sound morals can be used as the guiding principles of men. The concept of morality still existed nowadays but was corrupted by the will to become wealthy and influential. For example, some businessmen no longer care for the moral uprightness of men when pornography was made available to them for reasons of business profits. Prostitution was developed in such a way that all people tend to destroy family relationships just to earn profits. Rousseau was thinking then that sound morals were replaced by the word money alone and none other. Justice is a very important concept that most people value. Justice propagates peace and harmony in the society. Justice is the remarkable instrument that makes people reacts positively to the laws enacted by political leaders. It is also the foundation of the peaceful interrelations of the component elements of society which makes us become civilly and economically progressive. And yet, when the ability to circumvent the law existed, justice is no longer the rule but the basis of every legal demand. Rousseau believes that justice breeds peace and harmony among human beings, but he also knew that it can be destroyed by personal motives and interests in the society. Let us consider the stretching of military power in Iraq via foreign policy of Bush administration. Several military personnel were sent to Iraq just to satisfy the need to advance foreign policy of the country. The untold casualties of war are shocking and unbelievable. The country may be powerful over Iraq but both suffered tremendously because of the war. But raising the concern of fighting against terrorist acts justifies the war in Iraq. The American people spend money out of governmental budget to support national defense and foreign policy thereby neglecting other important matters like education and healthcare. Rousseau must be correct when he said that historical events had unraveled and contaminated the good in human heart and soul by suppressing passions and instincts to the generalization of motive (Puosi 1). Thus, lack of common interest among the people can be treated by means of observing justice in all aspect of policy-making. The little siblings of selfish interest include the concepts of corruption, greed, thirst of power and violence (Puosi 1). Rousseau labeled all these devilish attitudes as products of a social make-up or structure shaped by historical events. These negative attitudes clued-up the alienation of those core values relevant and normal to human nature. Corruption is common in the society today. Thirst of power and violence remained the reasons why some Americans are imprisoned for such a long time. The overcrowding of prison cells is due to the inability of the government to prevent men from doing criminal acts over time. And the worst thing is, people tend to commit criminal acts due to poverty and worsening social condition. The cycle of social matters kept on moving toward the destruction of the people and we tend to ignore the reasons of our difficulties. This point of time, we take heed to the words of Rousseau, private property ownership is the source of all inequality. In the context of modern society, ownership of private property is acceptable as long as it is done justifiable and reasonably. The problem lies on the acquisition of private property through deceit and fraudulent machinations. The acquisition of private property is also the mother of discrimination as other people think that all things belong to them. Rousseau pointed out that the insatiable needs of men to own private property is the foundation of all evils (Puosi 1). The optimal reason for divisive acts and irregular decisions of government leaders is the desire to possess several private properties. Hence, the social and economic conditions of the people can be improved if unfair acquisition of private property is eradicated in the society. Conclusion The subject of the discussion is the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau about the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. The said writing of Rousseau was used to analyze the three problem of society that breeds lack of common interest among the citizens of the United States of America. The three problems mentioned include the failure of the government to enrich and magnify national security, economic development, and political power in the perspective of human nature. According to Rousseau, men by nature are good and that justice, sound morality, and love are the core values of men. But the historical events of having a goal of private property acquisition tainted these values. Therefore, men should refrain from doing unfair deeds and unjustifiable acquisition of private property. Finally, the war in Iraq and other destructive military operations staged by America must be stopped. The social needs of education and health care must be prioritized. There is no problem if the people are protected from terrorist attacks, but it should be done in the right perspective by the government. Works Cited Daalder, Ivo & Lindsay, James. â€Å"Democracies of the World Unite†. 2009. The American Interest Website. February 24, 2009 < http://www. cfm? Id=219&MId=6> â€Å"Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)†. 2009. Niagara University. February 24, 2009 â€Å"Outsourcing Effects on America’s Economy†. 2009. Article Snatch. February 24, 2009 < http://www. articlesnatch. com/Article/Outsourcing-Effects-on-America—s-Economy/478092> Puosi, Emanuela. â€Å"Discourse on the Origin of Inequality†. 5 November 2008. Political Philosophy Website. February 24, 2009 .

Human Resource Management Ethics and Employment Essay

Talisman Incorporation management was forced to cut their operations in Sudan. Any commercial operations and gained benefits cannot become a price for protesting riots and the new splash of civil war at any destination. As a matter of fact Talisman Company was told to sacrifice its subsidiary, which is worth around 12% from the Company total value, in order to save political stability. Talisman CEO Jim Buckee’s stated later, after the sale was announced that: â€Å"Talisman’s shares have continued to be discounted based on perceived political risk in-country and in North America . . . . Shareholders have told me that they were tired of continually having to monitor and analyze events relating to Sudan†. (Kobrin, 2004). Even with several years past Talisman situation is a good reason for numerous questions, which are certainly difficult to answer either from ethical or political side. The debates around such topics as foreign capital company responsibility for human rights and violation, the responsibility of management for decisions taking, and the necessity of issuing the institution in order to monitor violation, judge transgressions and to impose sanctions are loud even today. Certainly, there is no regulative powerful tool in such countries as Sudan for measuring, prediction and setting standards for corporative behavior through development of norms and monitoring violations cases. There is a good riddle to be solved within Talisman situation in Sudan. What will happen if Talismans management and board had to make a decision? Would they keep the property in Sudan and continue to try to make a difference through Talismans corporate social responsibility initiatives or the operations are to be cut? Analyzing Talisman situation in Sudan I need to admit that Talisman Incorporation for the years of Sudan operations has become a significant power and authority in the international political system through setting standards, supplying public goods and participating in negotiations. The summary is that political authority should imply public responsibility. This opinion ruins the traditional believe that only state and states agents are responsible for human rights violations. The reality brings the integrated structure of transnational corporations; their strategy is concerned with increasing integration of the global economy and increasing the number of problems between legal political structure and transnational corporations towards questions of human rights violation. Successful transnational corporation such as Talisman Company should become a regulative political mechanism itself for protection of individual rights, operating wise and employing all possible mechanisms for imposing obligations on company management and corporative culture regarding human rights violation and corporative policy in this question. These controversies in Sudan raised lot of questions for other Canadian companies, regarding the reasonability of such investments in foreign oil pipe-line projects. Should Canadian companies invest in Burma or Afghanistan? Who is responsible for risk caused by operations in the territories affected by civil wars and political riots? Political risk always presents in international operations. We can review such historical facts as nationalization of international companies in Russia after Bolshevik revolution. Statistically ten countries have nationalized their oil production before the year, 1970th. For me it is absolutely clear that Talisman Company had no chances to develop their productions under such tough political and activists pressure. Under the circumstances the way out was selling Talisman interest to the Company with suitable ethical background and negotiate policy due to questions of cultural and individual human rights, GNPOC property became a good candidate at the time. Analyzing the present situation in oil-gas Sudan policy, we can admit that petroleum sector including GNPOC is not transparent even nowadays. Corruption and thrilling political wars are the main reasons for that. Talisman Incorporation made a constructive decision through selling its share to GNPOC property, Canadian transnational corporation gained the second chance to develop their operations and grow internationally instead of being stuck in politicians’ games and corruption. The main question, which appeared shortly after Talisman story is more ethical than political, it is focused on the delegation of responsibility for human rights violations by any transnational corporation or its subsidiary operating in foreign territory with high risk of civil war or activists riots. It is obvious that the host country, Sudan in our case, is usually the first violator of human rights. Sudanese government paid very low attention to the accident with Talisman complicating the human rights of its citizens. At the other side, Canadian Government has analyzed Talisman Company Investments in Sudan thus a scope of threatened sanctions were taken to regulate Company activities. (Drohan, 1999, 2003; Frank, 1999). Dr. Campbell (2006, 258) states that, â€Å"†¦governments are, on the whole, neither able nor willing to effectively regulate MNCs, particularly when operating outside of their own jurisdiction and even in areas where legal regulation would be appropriate were it feasible†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Was Talisman selling the only way out of the situation and had Talisman Company the real Human Rights Obligations? Due to the core human and moral rights derived from human being dignity and equality of individual rights all members of human family (United Nations General  Assembly, 1998 (1948)) are identified with moral imperatives of positive law system (Campbell, 2006). So the moral standpoints due to Talisman Company obligations are positive, however they are opposite to commercial interest. Following the moral principals any transnational corporation should observe basic human rights at the legal location of their operations and respect the dignity of human rights as the core value of their business idea and a â€Å"moral compass for business practices† (Donaldson, 1996). Remembering the words of Jim Buckee, who would like Talisman Energy Inc. f Calgary, Alberta, to be known as a true Canadian success Company, that has increased oil and gas production by 30 percent a year since the mid-1990’s by reaching beyond its prairie base to develop wells in the North Sea, Indonesia and Sudan, I need to underline that there were no intentions from Talisman side to cut operations in Sudan. Full established oil production just has begun when the Company was attacked by church representatives, civil activists and pension funds in the USA and Canada for violation and genocide, and other abuses of human rights. Why us† Jim Buckee asked, he added: â€Å"We are a in business, we are not in politics, and we can only affect things within our sphere of influence. Now the holdings in Sudan amount to only 10 percent of Talisman’s total assets and we are happy with project and have no intentions to leave† (Buckee, 2000) The main goal of the conversation between Talisman and legal power forces was concerned with ability of Talisman Company to â€Å"†adopt a corporate code that includes human rights in it†. At that point Farther Ryan stressed: â€Å"†If you have that, and you’re a force for improving the situation, what are your objectives and strategies? And can you produce an audited result of what impact you’re having? If you can’t operate without violating human rights, the only option is to leave† (Ryan, 2000). That actually became a prediction for Talisman selling its share in Sudan and leaving and leaving. What type of business faces is adoptable for Sudanese political forces and civil activists, is there a definite one? China and Malaysia companies traditionally paying a low attention to human rights claiming that: â€Å"we are the only recognizable Western business face for Sudanese government† (Donaldson, 1996). At the same time, I cannot see any other way out for Talisman Corporation accept the possibility of business development out from Sudan, because according to the Westphalian Context each particular unit of any transnational corporation is obligated to be supervised by national jurisdiction including its own existing as a legal unit and legal personality, so its legal rights and duties are to be affected by the fact. Talisman corporation in our case is actually to be shifted through the grid of state sovereignty into an assortment of secondary rights and contingent liabilities† (Johns, 1994: 141) cited in (Cutler, 2001). On the other hand Westphalian orthodoxy suggests that â€Å"corporations could not have any direct obligations under international law and thus any positive duty to observe human rights† (Muchlinski, 2001). Such kind of â€Å"Treaties are signed by states and international law imposes obligations only on states and not on non-state actors†. (Pegg, 2003; Vazquez, 2005). At this stage of dispute there can be a compromise that it is important for the state to regulate and maintain the controlling tools for activities of non-state actors, because they might lead to human violation riots. Muchlinski, 2001: 35). So the idea of putting direct obligations on Talisman Corporation for human rights violation is some kind of interventionist, as even a sort of neo-colonial extension of violence in the conflict with the sovereign rights of the local/ host state. The problem is that there is a particular concern regarding the developing countries or those with high risk of national rebelling, these territories typically got the highest number of human right violation accusations imposed to transnational corporations. Current policy is reflected in the last draft of the United Nations Code of Conduct for Transnational Corporations code which called for TNCs to â€Å"respect the national sovereignty of the countries in which they operate† and noted that an â€Å"entity of a transnational corporation is subject to the laws, regulations and established administrative practices of the country in which it operates† (United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, 1990,35). Talisman Company Sudanese conflict drugged the issuing of new tools for corporate behavior regulation afterwards. The Proposal for Human Rights Related Regulation is purposed with building corporate policy for Canadian companies operating on risky territories providing the following recommendations to them: â€Å"All Canadian securities commissions should initiate discussion among their members about issues relating to corporate conduct in war zones, with special reference to direct or arm’s length trade in weapons and materiel, involvement with individuals and companies recruited abroad to engage in hostilities in a third country, or the arrangement of mining concessions in return for protection of any sort. Guidelines dealing with such issues should be created or added to existing codes. † (Campbell, T. 2006). Canadian business is deeply international; its global presence dictates the new rules and policies to all the parties including attention to ethical, social and environmental responsibility regarding local communities’ safety and human rights. The new set of proposals for regulation is issued specially for Canadian global business and aimed to help establishing the friendly community operating business relationship within host company state and non state infrastructures.

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The Bloody Sunday-Industrialists

Working conditions are intolerable; our situation is becoming more excruciating as the time goes by. Father Gapon has been like a ray of Gratifying light that has shone through our darkened hope and made it come to life once again. Four members of the Assembly of Russian workers were dismissed at the putilov iron works 2 days ago and father Gapon true to his word has assisted us by calling for industrial action. 110,000 workers in St Petersburg, including myself, have now gone out on strike. We now sit impatiently anxious to see what our next step of action shall be and how it may affect our life in the days yet to come. Will we fail and go back to our insufferable conditions as they were before, Will we come out on top and get given the tolerable treatment we deserve, or worse yet will we suffer such a humiliating defeat that our conditions worsen from what they once were. Sitting here I can not help but allow such thoughts to surface in my mind, after all this is a significant action by which my life can suffer a vast transformation, whether it will be for better or worse, is still yet to come. January 18th Another day has begun and yet another decision has been made Father Gapon has decided to make a personal appeal to the Tsar. He has wrote a petition asking to give us healthier working conditions, we have requested a reduction in working days from 10hours to 8hours, a increase in wages and an improvement in working conditions amongst others. The response to our petition amongst the workers is overwhelming as an infinite amount of people have signed the petition. We shall go to the winter palace on the 22nd of January to present our petition, in hopes to get a positive response to the requests we have made. I live in hope till the day comes for us to present our petition to the tsar and receive a response expectantly a constructive one at that. 22nd January 1905 As we marched through the Winter palace we were road blocked by the army, we attempted to get them out of our way in a calm and rational manner however despite our attempts they refused to move and let us in. Unable to think of any alternative we only saw one action we could take that could possibly give us an opportunity to move the army out of our path. Crouching down to the ground the protestors and I gathered stones of the ground and regrettably threw them at the army, although it was regrettable we had no alternative, the army put us in a tough situation from which we could not get out of without putting up a fight. The army inevitably fought back using water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse of the crowd we had formed, however as they begun to fight back we refused to back down, we wanted our rights to be given to us, we wanted to be treated with respect and be addressed to by others with some common decency, is that so much to ask? What we did was not a crime we could have gone much further with the matter however we did not, we merely stood up for our own rights. We all began to scream and panic scattering away from one another as a trigger was pulled and a gun shot was heard going off. Within seconds thirteen of our allies are lying dead on the ground they had just minutes ago picked stones up from, others were wounded and the remainder in shock. The army when questioned claimed they only returned fire, however how could this be true when we approached the winter palace unarmed? It is undeniably clear that we could not have fired any shots, we did not fire any shots, and the only shots that were fired were those of the armed force.

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Perspective of song lyrics and poems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Perspective of song lyrics and poems - Essay Example Both forms of writing do share similarities, but by no means are they exactly the same. Despite the differences between the two formats of writing, they can be transferred to each other with a little work. Poems can somewhat more easily be turned into songs with a little work and tweaking. Just the same as if a person was trying to convert numbers, or convert any format or style of writing to another, it does take a little finesse, but none the less, it can be done. Vaughn Daniel, a published writer from MusicCity answered when asked about the topic: â€Å"If I gave someone a poem and asked them to put it to music, I would expect the poem to either be added to or some of it ending up on the cutting room floor. Song lyrics are dictated by the direction the music has taken with the melody. There are also formulas of structure in writing a song. Examples are as follows: These calculated lyric structures may also dictate what the song will sound like musically. If the lyrics are structured correctly, music can be invented just by the way the lyrics flow. Take any popular song and try singing it another way. Chances are you wont like what you hear. Lyrics often take on a life of their own musically† ( Daniel shows that with a little work and finesse, a poem can be turned into a song, just that you may loose some of the original impact of the poem in the final version. There are also many similarities between poems and song lyrics. Both poems and lyrics require a person to have a strong command of what ever language they are writing in. These art forms also require the person to be expressive, and to be able to shed their feelings through their medium and express themselves. This is not an easy task, but one that comes though much work for many writers. Also, â€Å"Both poems and song lyrics rely on the potent use of language, Both engage their readers and

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Marketing Management class discussion wk3 Assignment

Marketing Management class discussion wk3 - Assignment Example It is possible to keep customers who want the company to that want a company to go against its policies in favor of their requests. Instilling loyalty on a brand on a brand is possible. Loyalty results from the excellent services a company offers to its customers (Lindstrom, 2011). It is what the company offers exceptionally that makes clients prefer is brand and must not come from pricing. Each company has a group of clients who would always want to take advantage of policies on return of goods. It is unhealthy for a company to block such clients this may dent the company image. Though it is unhealthy for a company to keep such client, it is vital that to develop a strategy in dealing with those clients (Lindstrom, 2011). The strategy should be such that both the company and the client stand to benefit. The best way is adopting a proper customer relationship management style where the client completely and appreciates the company

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Respond to classmates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Respond to classmates - Essay Example There are various innovations that appease the audience for the benefit of the production crew. According to the various comments in the blog, historical inaccuracies can pose a threat or be harmless to understanding the past historical events. According to Champions comment, the inaccuracies depicted in a film helps an individual research deeper to know the exact historical facts. It is true that a majority of audiences are less concerned about the historical inaccuracies in movies and are too busy to recognize them. I believe inaccuracies in the ‘Titanic’ movie posed a threat to history comprehension. I disagree with Williams and Elliot. The two lovers, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, were not there in the original RMS passenger ship. This was an ideology brought to spice up the film. From the various comments in the blog, history shapes the present views of individuals. Though Champion asserts that understanding the present depends on how an individual will synthesize the historical information depicted in the film, historical inaccuracies hurt comprehension of the present. According to Williams, historical inaccuracies make a point about America and Americans. Films motivate groups and portray the general prevailing events in the world. Historical facts in films show comparisons between two historical times. The traits portrayed in a historically accurate film will immensely help in shaping the present day characters of people. For example, Williams asserts that most of the films produced during the period before mid 1900’s portrayed Americans as Hardworking and enduring people. Misrepresentation of this in a film will affect the way people will portray and see the present day America. As I read through the comments in the blog, I realized that I had not thought that historical inaccuracies can help in building comprehension of historical

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Brief summery about Q-Media company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brief summery about Q-Media company - Essay Example The aim is to connect brands with the consumers in a unique way. This is achieved using multi-channel set of services (Bayt, 2014). The company also enjoys a strong association with Qatar regulatory authorities. This can be seen through collaborative initiatives on the developmental agenda. For a period the company has been in existence, it has acted as a reliable partner to the state through development of Qatar. Moreover, the company has led to a remarkable improvement of outdoor media in terms of reach, diversity, and quality (Q.Media, 2014).This is reflected in the development of Qatar. Most of the transactions of the company occur between the states. As a result, the company can be said to involve to business to government (B2G). For example, the company enjoys a close working relationship with regulatory authorities in Qatar. Some of those the company is involved with the transaction includes Doha municipality and major transportation companies such as Mowasalat (Q.Media, 2014). The products offered by the company are in line with the needs of the state. Moreover, the companies work with the state in organizing events. For example, it was recently involved with the Qatar tourism authority to organize Qatar motor show (GL-Events, 2012). offers services to diverse people. It offers opportunities to anyone with advertising campaigns. However, the company enjoys valuable clients such as government organizations and authorities. Some of those includes NGOs, banks, corporate, airlines, and advertising agencies. The company has various divisions that offer services. The first one is outdoor. This provides outdoor advertising in Doha and Qatar (Bayt, 2014). The other product is Decaux. This is an initiative between and JCDecaux (Bayt, 2014). It is a major advertising company world wide and acts as a global leader in outdoor adverting. The other is events. The role is to

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Analysis of the Film The Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analysis of the Film The Women - Essay Example Although the characters of the film were from upper class Manhattan who were supposed to be independent from men compared to most of their female counterparts during their time, their lives and their perceive importance is still tied up to men. The story revolved around the cat chase between Mary Haines (played by Norma Shearer) and her philandering husband Stephen (who was not seen in the film) who has to battle it out with the gold digging counter girl Crystal Allen (played by Joan Crawford). Yes the women in the film were assertive only that their assertion revolves around men that were never seen in the entirety of the movie. Given the theme of the movie, it would be appropriate to discuss the following aspect in the film; Status, relationship, and emotional life. Status and motivation Status is stressed in the analysis because given the status of women in the film (Mary Haines and company), they could be anything they wanted if they chose to be. They were wealthy. Yet, even with their financial independence, their sense of victory, particularly the character of Mary who has to battle it out with Crystal was centered on men. ... Basically, the ethos of the film was still women using their sexuality to win a man despite the absence of lewd representation. The men on the other hand were portrayed to be a â€Å"catch† especially in the case of Crystal who is in the quest of hunting married men who could support her. The film stereotyped women as dependent to men and Crystal’s gold digging tendency is the extreme side of it while Mary only highlighted it by equating her worth and victory as a woman to winning her man. Relationships Relationships were a central aspect of the film The Women. It showed how women in the 1930s put so much importance in the relationship with their men that their value as a person is tied with it. This is not to downplay the importance of relationship only that in the film, The Women’s worth seemed to be tied up with them. This transcends to their personal worth which is the case of Mary to their economic well being in the case of Crystal. Whatever angle it is look ed at, it still portrayed dependency. This was highlighted in the characters of two main protagonists Mary and Crystal whose circumstances only aggravated the portrayal of women. In the case of Mary, women are stereotyped whose lives revolve around men. This was aggravated with the discourse of the film where they are always involved in gossips, an unproductive activity that suggests that they have nothing better to do. It also diminishes their status, despite their wealth and financial independence because it communicates that they cannot be productive. With Crystal, women are stereotyped to be dependent to men who cannot fend for themselves that they have to find a man who will support her. Her portrayal as a gold

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Graphic Organizer for content area English Coursework

Graphic Organizer for content area English - Coursework Example Additionally the Bible also clearly endorses multiculturalism arguing that God created Human race in his image and diversity only resulted from Gods divine command to the human race to increase in number and fill the whole earth. Lastly, with regard to the universality of the church, the Holy Scriptures encourages people of different cultures, races, languages and classes to come together in their faith and reconcile their differences. This was particularly evidenced during the Pentecost when people of different languages spoke in their native tongues after receiving the Holy Spirit. (Acts2:8-12). The other cultures are only different because they exist in different locations. For example, people living in the deserts will always have a different living style from the people living in the forests. Multiculturalism is therefore a reality and we must all appreciate the diversity of other cultures. According to Hernandez (2001), our assignments and lesson plans should include the diverse needs and perspectives of different cultures because no culture is superior to the others. Lastly, some of the strategies that can be employed in the classrooms to design lessons from a global cultural perspective include, using differentiated instructional plans, encouraging indigenous knowledge and being sensitive to racial and cultural differences (Ford and Harris,

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We Are Going to Ibiza Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

We Are Going to Ibiza - Assignment Example Personally speaking, I had no particular destination in mind and being an introvert, I decided to sit quiet and watch and listen to the suggestions being made by others. As expected, Lillian being the ultimate extrovert in the group with her sociable and expressive way of communication took the initiative to extend the first suggestion. Lillian suggested that as we had sufficient money with us, why not all of us take a trip to Europe? As I was avidly observing all of them, I noticed James and Susan evince a slight frown at Lillian’s suggestion. It was enough to convey to me that both of them had already decided about the place they wanted to go and were not in agreement with Lillian’s suggestion. However, I was still unsure about what Steven had in mind. I felt that either he had no special place in mind or was yet keeping his cards close. As goes well with the agreeable nature of James, and his way of being courteous and flexible while negotiating things, he welcomed L illian’s suggestion, yet asked her that what marked Europe as her first choice? What followed was a three minute speech by Lillian, which, considering her lucidness was certainly prepared well in advance, elaborating on Europe being the hub and bedrock of culture and art, and how a trip to the continent will immensely add to our sense of culture and appreciation for art, food, fashion, and other fine things in life. By the time Lillian ended, Susan broke into a big and discernible yawn, which made all of us laugh, expect for Lillian. James in his patent cooperative and genial manner, approved of Lillian’s views, yet taking the role of the self appointed group leader, suggested that a trip to Europe was something too serious and what the rest of us were looking forward to was visiting a place that was more about fun and enjoyment. Susan vociferously supported the views of James, though I was still not sure as to whether James and she had the same place in mind, or wheth er both of them were agreeing to scuttle Lillian’s suggestion. James made the next move and tried to convince Lillian that Europe was not a viable destination owing to many reasons. He placed his hand on Lillian’s shoulder and told her that the money the group had, though being ample may fall short of supporting an extensive trip to Europe. Continuing with his good natured manner, perhaps aimed at soliciting maximal cooperation from Lillian, he said that the group had been thinking about this trip more in terms of a chance to have unrestrained fun in the lap of nature. Susan not only strongly backed each and every suggestion made by James, but even went ahead to claim that a trip to Eu

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Bioethics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Bioethics - Assignment Example Weight measurements will be taken, and these can be compared with results from the literature about what is healthy and normal for the particular breed of dog. Secondly, energy levels will be measured, again based upon what is normal for the breed. This will be subjective and assessed by trainers who do not know which diet the puppies are taken, to make sure there is no bias. Finally, blood pressure measurements will be taken weekly throughout the course of the experiment to ensure that the puppies are healthy and to avoid ethical problems of the experiment. Another important part of designing a scientific experiment is to work out the participants, or the ‘sample’. Scientific studies work best with larger sample sizes to eliminate bias (Shannon & Kockler, 2009). When working with dogs, it can be beneficial to use a variety of breeds to ensure that the hypothesis and results can be applied to all dogs. Therefore it was decided that 100 dogs would be tested, 50 on each diet. 25 different breeds (or combination of breeds in mongrels) will be used, so that 2 of each breed will be taking part in each diet group. It is important to randomize the dogs that are chosen to go on each diet. Grouping each breed as a four and then randomly assigning them a diet is the best way of doing this (Shannon & Kockler, 2009). It is important that each one follows the diet strictly for the four weeks of the experiment, as any deviation from this could cause a false result. This means the dogs must be observed at all times to ensure that they do not eat any food from another dog’s meal. Each dog must also have the same amount of exercise and be housed in the same size kennel as the other dogs from that breed to ensure fairness when measuring the results. Differences in exercise could cause a major difference in the weight measurement particularly, and this would be a confounding variable. Each dog would also have to take their meals at

Educational psychology Essay Example for Free

Educational psychology Essay Choose a topic (objective) from one of the strand units in the Primary Science Curriculum (DES, 1999) and describe how you would assess it in a way that ensures that the assessment is integrated seamlessly in teaching and learning science. Indicate what the focus of the assessment is in terms of the science concept AND skill(s). The topic chosen must not be a task included in Hands-on Science. Indicate what the focus for the assessment is in terms of science concept and skills. In your answer refer to a) common prior conceptions (‘misconceptions’) children might  hold within this strand unit and b) how this assessment approach could facilitate constructivist approaches to the teaching of science. Please refer to at least three prescribed readings from both your assessment and curriculum science courses in your response (at least six references in all). Strand: Energy and Forces Strand Unit: Magnetism and Electricity Class: Second Class Learning Intention: The child will be enabled to purposefully play with magnets of different shapes and sizes and explore their effects on different materials (DES,1999). The Teacher Guidelines in conjunction with the Primary Curriculum for Science promotes the use of a constructivist approach to the teaching and learning of science, (DES, 1999). A constructivist approach involves the construction of our own understandings based on the world in which we live in (Brooks, 1993) and our prior knowledge in a variety of areas. This essay will be based on a constructivist approach to teaching magnets in the primary science curriculum, aimed to eliminate any common misconceptions of the child and incorporate self- assessment as the method for assessment for the lesson. The constructivist approach to teaching and learning allows children to take responsibility of their learning which can then make way for self-assessment. Lessons which incorporate self-assessment will see pupils ‘looking at their own work in a reflective way, and identify aspects of it that are good and that could be improved, and then set personal learning targets for themselves’ according to the NCCA’s (2007) Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum. This lesson will incorporate prediction, investigation, interpretation and communication as the children develop the uses of magnets of different shapes and sizes  through ‘purposeful play’ (DES, 1999). The learning intentions for this lesson will be shared using WALT and WILF in the introduction to the lesson. Children will be given their learning intentions to give them a goal or target to work towards in the course of the lesson. The children will develop their own concept maps, which will be based on any existing 1 Saoirse Geraghty Part B-Assessment 13270851 knowledge or misconceptions they may have with regard to magnets, eliciting prior knowledge from the children will give them the opportunity to focus themselves on the topic. Concept maps will be used as interpreted by Mc Cloughlin’s (2000) ‘Conceptual Mapping Frameworks in Science Education: a reader for students of Science education’. The maps will portray each of the children’s knowledge based on the topic, magnets, to be revisited in the development of the lesson and in order for children to interpret their findings and learning outcomes from course of the lesson. The development of the lesson will see the investigation of common misconceptions and experimenting with some of the children’s prior knowledge based on their concept maps they have drawn up. The children will be aware of their learning intentions from the introduction to the lesson and will need little direction which will lead to more focused learning. They will record on their concept maps any new findings they have made, and any prior misconceptions they may have had, and have come to the conclusion of can be recorded. The conclusion of the lesson will include a share session in a whole-class discussion to identify any misconceptions that may still exist and can be addressed, and also to allow children to peer-assess one another based on their findings on an informal basis. To conclude the lesson I will use ‘Traffic Lights’, which will allow me to establish after the lesson how comfortable children are with the use of magnets of different shapes and sizes and the misconceptions involved with them. To begin the lesson I will use a range of formative methods of assessment (AfL) to elicit any existing knowledge children may have with regard to magnets. As mentioned above the children will develop their own concept maps or ‘cluster maps’ (McCloughlin, 2000) to illustrate their existing knowledge, regarding their own interpretation of the physical  appearance of a magnet, uses of magnets, household items which may be magnets etc. When the children have completed their maps, I will share learning intentions with the children using the WALT and WILF methods. I will place the learning intentions on the WALT board, in child friendly language, so children can refer back to them in the development of the lesson to ensure they are still on task to achieve the success criteria. Clark (2005) promotes the sharing of learning intentions with the children that allows them to know the ‘desired outcome’ and success criteria of the task. In Barbara Collins and Michael O’Leary’s (2010)  work on Integrating Assessment with Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts: A Study in One Classroom seen sharing learning intentions lead to lower frustration levels among children who perceive themselves as not being strong’ in a particular curricular area. In my own experience and as also stated in the Collins and O’Leary (2010) study, children declared 2 Saoirse Geraghty Part B-Assessment 13270851 that knowledge of the success criteria on a particular topic helped them to get started quicker and also led to them having less questions based on the procedures they were to undertake in  the task. For the development of the lesson, I will explore the following three common misconceptions with second class students: ? All metals are attracted to magnets ?All silver coloured items are attracted to magnets ?The larger the magnet, the stronger it is (MathScience Innovation Centre, 2007) In this section, I will organise the children into small groups and provide them with a range of household objects (paperclips, cutlery, keys, coins etc. ) and magnets of different shapes and sizes to investigate and explore these misconceptions with them. I will ask the children in  their groups to predict possible outcomes of their explorations into the misconceptions, will all of these items stick to the magnets? Will all of the magnets pick up the bunch of keys? Etc. It is expected that children will make the prediction that all of these misconceptions are true, therefore predicting before investigating allows children to use their prior knowledge to predict and they can then explore their outcomes in ‘purposeful play’ throughout the development of this lesson and then discuss their findings with their peers in the conclusion of the lesson. When they have made some predictions will write some of them on the board to be revisited after the children have worked with the objects and magnets. The children will be given sufficient time to investigate the common misconceptions and strength of the magnets using different sized magnets across the variety of objects for experimentation. I will then ensue a metacognitive approach and have the children record on their concept maps anything new they have discovered or uncovered in their investigations. By recording their findings the children are documenting what they have learned by means of self-assessment. Looking at what they knew from the outset, and recording what more they have learned, or what misconceptions they may have had have they cleared up. To conclude the lesson, I will ask the class to come together and undergo a whole class discussion based on their findings in this investigation of misconceptions of magnets. I will use AfL strategies of questioning in this discussion with the children to indicate where their new knowledge may be of use to them outside of the class, ie. Where would you use a magnet outside of class? , can you get any bigger magnets than the ones we have in class  3 Saoirse Geraghty Part B-Assessment 13270851 today? Etc. The NCCA assessment guidelines (2007) invite children to probe and prompt children in their open ended questioning, ie. ‘’I wonder if everyone in this class has the same things on their maps’’, ‘’I wonder is there anything we could learn from listening to one each other’s findings’’. Preceding this, the children will discuss with their class mates any misconceptions they may still have, that they may be able to clear up, or perhaps something they did not uncover in their findings. This form of peer-assessment allows for informal  learning, and shows children that they can assist one another, and they do not always have to come to the same conclusions in their topics to have the correct answer. When children have been given fair time to discuss and analyse their findings with their peers I will close the lesson by asking them to give me some feedback to ‘help me to teach them’ by using the traffic light method of assessment. This will be used to get an idea of any misunderstandings or confusion that may still exist among the children, and therefore can be addressed before the end of the lesson.  In the ‘Traffic Light’ method of summative assessment: ?G (green light –I understand), ?A (amber light – A little unsure), ?R (red light I dont understand). Methods of both formative (AfL) and summative (AoL) assessment have been used strategically in the Primary Science Curriculum. These methods were introduced harmoniously with the lesson on magnetism, the methods of self-assessment allowed the teacher to be the facilitator of resources and learning, but the children undertook the task independently, the development of constructivism in the classroom would see that ‘the locus  of teaching and learning does not lie in the teacher but rather the student’ (Mc Cloughlin, 2010). This was explored in this lesson, and I would use these methods of assessment in the classroom, and I think they would have a positive effect on the children’s learning. References 4 Saoirse Geraghty Part B-Assessment 13270851 Clarke, Shirley,(2005). Targeting assessment in the primary classroom: Strategies for planning, assessment, pupil feedback and target settin. , London. Collins, B. O’Leary, M. (2010). Integrating assessment with teaching and  learning in the visual arts: A study in one classroom. Oideas 52, pp. 53-61. Department of Education and Skills, (1999). Primary School Science Curriculum. Dublin: NCCA Department of Education and Skills (1999). Primary School Science Curriculum: Teacher Guidelines. Dublin: NCCA MathScience Innovation Centre, (2007). Floating above the Rest. Mc Cloughlin, Thomas, (2000). Conceptual mapping frameworks in Science education: A reader for students of Science Education. Dublin. NCCA (2007). Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum. Guidelines for Schools. Dublin: NCCA.

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Introduction to MATLAB

Introduction to MATLAB 3.1.1. What Is MATLAB? MATLABÂ ® is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include Math and computation Algorithm development Data acquisition Modeling, simulation, and prototyping Data analysis, exploration, and visualization Scientific and engineering graphics Application development, including graphical user interface building. MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimensioning. This allows you to solve many technical computing problems, especially those with matrix and vector formulations, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a program in a scalar non interactive language such as C or FORTRAN. The name MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. MATLAB was originally written to provide easy access to matrix software developed by the LINPACK and EISPACK projects. Today, MATLAB engines incorporate the LAPACK and BLAS libraries, embedding the state of the art in software for matrix computation. MATLAB has evolved over a period of years with input from many users. In university environments, it is the standard instructional tool for introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and science. In industry, MATLAB is the tool of choice for high-productivity research, development, and analysis. MATLAB features a family of add-on application-specific solutions called toolboxes. Very important to most users of MATLAB, toolboxes allow you to learn and apply specialized technology. Toolboxes are comprehensive collections of MATLAB functions (M-files) that extend the MATLAB environment to solve particular classes of problems. Areas in which toolboxes are available include signal processing, control systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, wavelets, simulation, and many others. 3.2: The MATLAB System The MATLAB system consists of five main parts: 3.2.1: Development Environment This is the set of tools and facilities that help you use MATLAB functions and files. Many of these tools are graphical user interfaces. It includes the MATLAB desktop and Command Window, a command history, an editor and debugger, and browsers for viewing help, the workspace, files, and the search path. 3.2.2: The MATLAB Mathematical Function This is a vast collection of computational algorithms ranging from elementary functions like sum, sine, cosine, and complex arithmetic, to more sophisticated functions like matrix inverse, matrix eigen values, Bessel functions, and fast Fourier transforms. 3.2.3: The MATLAB Language This is a high-level matrix/array language with control flow statements, functions, data structures, input/output, and object-oriented programming features. It allows both programming in the small to rapidly create quick and dirty throw-away programs, and programming in the large to create complete large and complex application programs. 3.2.4: Graphics MATLAB has extensive facilities for displaying vectors and matrices as graphs, as well as annotating and printing these graphs. It includes high-level functions for two-dimensional and three-dimensional data visualization, image processing, animation, and presentation graphics. It also includes low-level functions that allow you to fully customize the appearance of graphics as well as to build complete graphical user interfaces on your MATLAB applications. 3.2.5: The MATLAB Application Program Interface (API) This is a library that allows you to write C and FORTRAN programs that interact with MATLAB. It includes facilities for calling routines from MATLAB (dynamic linking), calling MATLAB as a computational engine, and for reading and writing MAT-files. 3.3: MATLAB Working Environment 3.3.1: MATLAB Desktop MATLAB Desktop is the main MATLAB application window. The desktop contains five sub windows, the command window, the workspace browser, the current directory window, the command history window, and one or more figure windows, which are shown only when the user displays a graphic. The command window is where the user types MATLAB commands and expressions at the prompt (>>) and where the output of those commands is displayed. MATLAB defines the workspace as the set of variables that the user creates in a work session. The workspace browser shows these variables and some information about them. Double clicking on a variable in the workspace browser launches the Array Editor, which can be used to obtain information and income instances edit certain properties of the variable. The current Directory tab above the workspace tab shows the contents of the current directory, whose path is shown in the current directory window. For example, in the windows operating system the path might be as follows: C:MATLABWork, indicating that directory work is a subdirectory of the main directory MATLAB; WHICH IS INSTALLED IN DRIVE C. clicking on the arrow in the current directory window shows a list of recently used paths. Clicking on the button to the right of the window allows the user to change the current directory. MATLAB uses a search path to find M-files and other MATLAB related files, which are organize in directories in the computer file system. Any file run in MATLAB must resides in the current directory or in a directory that is on search path. By default, the files supplied with MATLAB and math works toolboxes areincluded in the search path. The easiest way to see which directories is soon the search path, or to add or modify a search path is to select set path from the File menu the desktop, and then use the set path dialog box. It is good practice to add any commonly used directories to the search path to avoid repeatedly having the change the current directory. The Command History Window contains a record of the commands a user has entered in the command window, including both current and previous MATLAB sessions. Previously entered MATLAB commands can be selected and re-executed from the command history window by right clicking on a command or sequence of commands. This action launches a menu from which to select various options in addition to executing the commands. This is useful to select various options in addition to executing the commands. This is a useful feature when experimenting with various commands in a work session. 3.3.2: Using the MATLAB Editor to create M-Files The MATLAB editor is both a text editor specialized for creating M-files and a graphical MATLAB debugger. The editor can appear in a window by itself, or it can be a sub window in the desktop. M-files are denoted by the extension .m, as in pixel up. m. The MATLAB editor window has numerous pull-down menus for tasks such as saving, viewing, and debugging files. Because it performs some simple checks and also uses color to differentiate between various elements of code, this text editor is recommended as the tool of choice for writing and editing M-functions. To open the editor, type edit at the prompt opens the M-file filename. m in an editor window, ready for editing. As noted earlier, the file must be in the current directory, or in a directory in the search path. 3.3.3: Getting Help The principal way to get help online is to use the MATLAB help browser, opened as a separate window either by clicking on the question mark symbol (?) on the desktop toolbar, or by typing help browser at the prompt in the command window. The help Browser is a web browser integrated into the MATLAB desktop that displays a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents. The Help Browser consists of two panes, the help navigator pane, used to find information, and the display pane, used to view the information. Self-explanatory tabs other than navigator pane are used to perform a search.

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Watch market situation in Singapore

Watch market situation in Singapore This report will investigate market situation and suggest a marketing strategy, which Seiko Watch Corporation will adapt to launch Seiko brand into watch market in Singapore. Although the weak of distribution channels of wristwatch products and strongly competition from rivals in luxury watch market, Seiko can benefit and reach successful due to offering a wide range of products and its brand value is the core competence. With luxury wristwatches range, Seiko is targeting to the specific segment and the right customers. Moreover, Singapore is known as a potential market along with high demand in watch market. Therefore, Seiko can take opportunities and advantages to increase purchasing power, improve brand awareness and make Singapore become a profitable market. 2.0 Introduction 2.1 Seiko Watch Corporation (SWC) Seiko is a global Japanese wristwatch manufacturer, established in 1881 and is constantly revolutionizing in the watch making field worldwide. In 1913, Seiko has started by introducing Japans first wristwatch and released the worlds first quartz watch in 1969. (Seikowatch, 2010). In 2001, Seikos watch division was found as an independent company, is called Seiko Watch Corporation. SWC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with its primary interest related to product planning and sales of watches for domestic and overseas market (Seikowatch, 2010). 2.2 Singapore market Today Singapore is a young and dynamic country and also attracted many large foreign enterprises. Singapore ranks as the worlds richest countries. This country is a multi-lingual, multi-racial and multi-cultural nation with overall population about 5.076 million in 2010 (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2010). Singapore economy relies heavily on trade and services (40% of national income), became a center for global trade, Asian dragons and economic centers in the region. Referring to mention this country is a tourist center and shopping of the world. Although Singapore is considered as a small market and lack of natural resources but it becomes a hub of foreign investment. Many foreign investors enter this market to do business because of its strategic location, well infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and favorable government policies (Refer Appendix 1). Singapore government invests strongly in developing education and training skills level for their people. Singapore workf orce is being highly skilled and well educated; they are well paid in the global commercial and attracting to many foreign employers (Refer Appendix 2). Therefore, Seiko can benefit from Singapore market through applying efficiency strategic marketing plans to do its business. 3.0 Corporate Objective This report will concentrate on product wristwatch of Seiko, which has its own distinguish features with different technology. Seiko watches is an excellent combination of design, color, material and price for men and women. In order to recommend suitable marketing strategy to benefit and penetrate into the fashion wristwatch market in Singapore is the purpose of this report. The specific goal of Seiko watches is to become a wristwatch leader in Singapore market. The primary objective is to reach first year 20% Singapore market share with total sales about SGD10million and continuously 40% market share for next 3 years, which get SGD20million annually. 4.0 Situational Analysis 4.1 SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is careful evaluation of an organizations internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its environmental opportunities and threats (Griffin, 2008). Using SWOT analysis has many benefits for company itself to better understanding the main issues and general trends confronting in the wristwatch segment. 4.1.1 STRENGTHS Seiko is a successful global branding Recently, one executive of Seiko stated We have very strong brand awareness, with around 70 per cent recognition of Seiko as a watchmaker (EzineArticles, 2010). Seiko performs innovation and continuity in its business that is why company can get success and becomes a big player along with Swatch, Rolex, Timex, Casio, and Citizen in watch industry today. Today, Seiko is in the top three brands for premium watch category (WatchMarketReview, 2010) Seiko Financial Performance In terms of financial performance, Seiko has constantly increased its sales and profit. The watch business reported a 17.4 billion yen increase in sales to 47.3 billion yen (a 58.4% increase from the same period in the previous year) (Refer Appendix 3). Business operation of Seiko is recognized as profitable and continuity. Along with a strong finance capability, Seiko will see more opportunities to improve distribution, advertising as well as RD to benefit in Singapore market. Seiko has wide product offerings Seiko is taking full technological advantage of quartz, kinetic and mechanical wristwatch by updating new products frequently. That is reason to explain why Seiko has 3000 watch styles (Robert and Stephen, 2000). In addition, Seiko developed its reputation from innovation of design and features, which could not found on its competitors through offering the precision optics wristwatch (WatchesForMenStore, 2010) Seiko has global infrastructure Global infrastructure of Seiko covers a wide network, which includes affiliates and distributors in big market such as USA, UK, Asia-Pacific, and Africa (Refer Appendix 4). With a global infrastructure, Seiko can take full geographical and marketing advantage in order to build a global brand and excellent services in watch business. 4.1.2 WEAKNESSES Weak distribution channels in Singapore market Seiko, as an upper-medium-priced brand, is sold through jewelry stores and catalog showrooms and is less likely to be found in discount or drug stores (Sak Onkvisit and John J. Shaw, 2004). However, in Singapore market, just Thongsia Company, an official distributor of Seiko is responsible for its operation (Seikowatch, 2010). The distribution of Seiko is weak at Channel Width/number of middleman and needs to improve to benefit in a potential market as Singapore. Seiko has poor Promotion Seiko is lacking marketing and advertising activities in Singapore while it is potential market and has grown in recent years. As a result, this may lead Seiko to lose opportunities to gain market share in wristwatch business in Singapore market. 4.1.3 OPPORTUNITIES Growth of Watch Market According to the Fashionproducts (2010), the global market currently valued at US $ 26.5 billion dollars and has grown continuously. The largest manufacturers of watches like Japanese (Casio, Citizen, Seiko) and Swatch will see more chances to increase sales and profit while the global fashion jewelry industry has been growing about 5.2% at an average compounded annual growth rate since 2000 (Refer Appendix 5). Moreover, Singapores total trade in clocks and watches reached S$3.4 billion and grew 39% from 2005 to 2008 (PuristSPro, 2010). Increasing demand for luxury watches of Singaporean Singapore is becoming hub trade center in Asia for various brands for wide range covering high, middle and low-end products in watch market. In addition, the high-end and luxury watch products are very active in this market (Docstoc, 2010). According to Peoples Daily Online (2010), more Singaporeans are interested in and becoming connoisseurs about luxury watches. The high demand in luxury market lead Singapore becomes a watch retail growth and potential in Asia. 4.1.4 THREATS Strong rivalry among competitors The luxury watch industry is very profitable market. However, there are many numerous barriers for new entrants to enter the market successfully. Earning profit and expanding business scale in this market is just for the actual players, who have a global network of distribution channels and a strong brand. Selling in order to bring highest profit and best benefits is still a serious issue for most companies. In luxury watch industry, Seiko is known as in top 20 watch brands all over the world about sales (Refer Appendix 6). 4.2 PESTEL Analysis 4.2.1 Political and Legal factors According to latest research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a research body under the prestigious magazine The Economist, Singapore ranked position 30 in the chart of Global Peace Index GPI (Refer Appendix 7). Singapore corporate income tax rate has been going down in recent years and flat at 17% in 2010 (Refer Appendix 8). As a result, Singapore becomes an attractive investment destination in Asia. That is a big advantage for Seiko when profitable capability of company may be higher and costs of business operation could be reduced. 4.2.2 Economic factors According to Tradingeconomics (2010), Singapores Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2010 is at 18.7% (Refer Appendix 9). The per capita GDP is high higher than most of developed countries in Asia. The economy of Singapore depends heavily on trade and services. Moreover, Singapore holds a premier position of import and export volume of watches as well as transit trade and sales in luxury watches through transacting with largest watch manufacturers in the world (Docstoc, 2010). At present, the interest rate in Singapore was last reported at 0.02 percent (Refer Appendix 10). This rate is quite low and has been decreasing in recently years. As a benefit, Seiko can consult and compare in order to borrow capital to resolve financial issues in its business operation. The inflation rate in Singapore is at 3.80 percent in November of 2010 (Refer Appendix 10). The chart shows that the inflation is increasing. It means that the purchasing power will be decreased and the market will be more fluctuated. Focusing to research and plan to maintain sales volume is necessary for Seiko. On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Singapore is at 2.10 percent in the third quarter of 2010 (Refer Appendix 11). It is a positive point in this market and the purchasing power in watch market could be higher. 4.2.3 Social and Cultural factors Singaporean is more interested in luxury watches Based on research of Prosperity Financial Services (2010), recently, the demand for luxury watches and high-end items is increasing in Singapore market. The evidence is number of watch collectors or enthusiasts in Singapore have seen an increase until now. The overall growth in spending for luxury watches was at 44 per cent in 2007. Singaporean becomes be more knowledgeable about watch collectors. They like to buy many new innovative watches that come out in the market place along with highly established international brand names. Moreover, Singapore is also in top 5 countries with most buyer feedback in watch industry (Refer Appendix 14). The tourists spend more to buy luxury watches in Singapore Practically, Singapore now becomes a wonderful place to choose for many tourists every year. In Singapore watch market, its not just 4.5 million locals people, who buy up these watch. According to a report of Brandchannel (2010), there is one in every five tourists shopping dollars for watches. There were 20,000 luxury watches, which tourists bought up in past year, spending up to S$ 200 million (US$ 117M). The favored watches price is between S$40 and 100. Specially, many best non-Singaporean customers paid cash for such purchases. Living Conditions in Singapore Singapore is the most popular country for migrants. Along with the positively about economy growth rate, the living and working conditions have been growing up at that time. High living conditions and stable income lead people in Singapore pay more attention into fashion and luxury items. According to MICA (2010), Singapore was ranked as the best place to work, live and play (Refer Appendix 12). In term of Watch industry, Singapore would be a profitable and potential market for Seiko. 4.2.4 Technological factors Growth of Internet Singapore has a strong growth of internet. There are 3,658,400 Internet users as of June, 2010, about 77.8% of the population (Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2010). In addition, Singapore has second highest Internet penetration in Asia-Pacific (Refer Appendix 13). The expanding of internet opens for most watch manufacturers the new way, new environment for doing business. The internet also can bring to Seiko and others a huge number of customer all over the world. 4.3 Competitive Advantage and Core Competencies In order to maintain strengths and catch up business trends, Seiko utilized its resources to create following capabilities and competitive advantage (Ferrell and Hartline, 2008). 4.3.1 Successful global branding In some marketplace, successful branding becomes an important source of competitive advantage through differentiating between various offerings in market, maintaining quality of products, reaching strong image, and sustaining consumer commitment. If the company could achieve and sustained, its brand would have competitive advantage (Abrol P.N and Bhalla, V.K, 2005). Seiko is a successful global brand in the watch industry over the world and its brand can offer opportunities for matching characteristics of the specific markets and can also be profitable (Marieke K. de Mooij, 2010) 4.3.2 Wide product offerings Example, Rolex and Seiko are both in the watch business. But Rolex sells a limited product line of high-priced quality watches. Seiko sells a wide variety of relatively inexpensive but innovative specialty watches with features like compasses and altimeters (Gary, D and Jean, P., 2008). Offering variety number of products is suitable business strategy of Seiko to deliver its brand into particular markets and target segment. 4.3.3 Respected Company Through associating with quality, design, and innovation products as being committed during the years, Seiko has differenced itself to produce high quality watches and became one in the largest watch manufacturers over the world. The expertise in quality manufacturing, precision engineering and design miniaturization has contributed to building Seiko brand one of the most respected, most powerful reputation in the world. 5.0 Recommendations The model from Ansoffs Matrix shown below suggests strategies for market development in business operation of Seiko in order to maintain strengths, increase brand awareness, distribution channels and market share for company in luxury watches market in Singapore. Source: Hollenesen (2003) 5.1 Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP) Marketing Segmentation and Targeting are two steps in the process, which Seiko must use in order to identify who is companys customer in the luxury watch market in Singapore. Market Segmentation helps Seiko to define groups of buyers with different demographic and lifestyle characteristics. Targeting is done after segmentation to compare defined segments and then choose the most attractive one to design strategies for right customer. Positioning concerns to customers perception and competitors of Seiko in watch industry and then creating a detailed marketing plan for companys business operation (William D. and Andrew Z., 2010) 5.1.1 Segmentation Targeting The Demographic factors are the most popular bases for age, gender, income, occupation, education, religion. The Psychographic factors also need to consider such as customers needs and wants, and buying attitudes (William D. and Andrew Z., 2010) . The market segmentation for Seiko in luxury watch market is adults, over 18 years of age. The target customers of Seiko are businesspersons, tourists, watch collectors, who have stable/high income and high demand in this market. 5.1.2 Positioning Market positioning can be made up of the specific value requirements or the core competencies of the target group (Scott, Mc., 2009). Highlight a feature or an attribute of product is one key of positioning (Burrow, 2006) In watch industry, Seiko positions itself as pricing bands of watch products and the positioning of Seiko brand is The World leader in watch technology during the years (Refer Appendix 15). Seikos price range and characteristics of the target segment is linked to the positioning of its brand. 5.2 Marketing Objectives and Goals Using the SMART acronym is most popular method for many organizations today. The SMART acronym is usually standing for: The Luxury watch business is at the maturity stage of product life cycle and Seiko still has potential growth in Singapore market. There are the SMART objectives for the first and the next three years of marketing plan for Seiko wristwatch. First year objective For initial year in Singapore, Seiko is aiming to reach 20% Singapore market share with total sales about SGD10million. The next 3 years objective: To achieve 40% market share for next 3 years, which get SGD20million of sales revenue annually. 5.3 Marketing Strategies and Programmes 5.3.1 Product At present, Seiko is well known for its Seiko brand. Seiko wristwatches is designed and made following its strategy of Innovation Refinement, which immediately has powerful impact to Seiko target customers (Seikowatch, 2010). Seiko wristwatch products are variety and differentiation in order to meet the expectations as well as high demand of both men and women customer in Singapore. In term of Packaging, the wristwatch products of Seiko should include the print of characteristic features and attributes to emphasize the benefits to its target customers. 5.3.2 Pricing The price of Seiko wristwatches should be developed by evaluating of the customers expectations and competitors prices on its products. Researching consumers opinions about pricing is important as well as prices of Seikos products. The following process will be the good advice for Seiko to setting price in Singapore market: In Singapore market, a competitive pricing in not advised for Seiko in this case. Seiko has a successful global branding and it is focusing on differentiation strategy, which has strongly effect on customers perception and purchasing power. Seiko has high brand awareness in worldwide watch industry along with a global network infrastructure, these creates a super value for Seiko brand. This brings to Seiko a competitive advantage and motivates Seiko to charge a premium price for its luxury watch market in Singapore. For example, The Spring Drive is the first luxury item of Seiko and it is expected to retail around $3,200 to $3,500 in international market. 5.3.3 Place Singapore is a potential market plus with high demand in watch industry. Seiko should create a wide distribution network so that products can be present in all places, regardless of the affected to the transportation system (Refer Appendix 16). 5.3.4 Promotion Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is known as the most popular model to conduct promotion process in business (Kolter and Armstrong, 2007). With recommendations, Seiko should focus on advertising, public relation, and sales promotion. Advertising can increase awareness of what Seiko business offers. Seiko should start its advertising campaign with knowing their target customers. Seiko is advanced to print media advertising on fashion magazines in Singapore such as Shape Singapore Edition, AsiaSpa. The outdoor advertising at bus-stop, or transit advertising on buses and taxies are also suitable for Seiko business. In term of public relation, global social media network like Facebook, Twitter seem to be free marketing tools along with a huge benefit for Seiko business. For Sales promotion, Seiko can use some subtle forms of price discounting, such as offering free financing, buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) or 20 per cent extra free, which will make customer to pay more attention for Seiko watches. 6.0 Conclusion In order to identify a marketing strategy effectively, which can improve brand/product awareness and help Seiko to benefit in Singapore market is very necessary. Efficiency marketing strategy will connect Seiko to right target segmentation and right customers as well as build up Seiko image in the worldwide watch industry map. Reference Printed Books: Abrol P.N and Bhalla, V.K., 2005. International Business. USA: Anmol Publications Ltd Burrow, J.L. 2006. Marketing. USA: Thomson South- Western. Chris P, Isobel D, and Robin L., 1994. International Marketing Strategy. USA: Simultaneously published Ferrell, O.C. and Hartline, M.D., 2008. Marketing Strategy.USA: Thomson Southwestern. Gary, D and Jean, P., 2008. Managing Now. USA: Houghton Mifflin Co., Griffin,R., 2008. Fundamentals of Management.USA: Houghton Mifflin Company. Hollenesen, S., 2003. Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach. UK: Pearson Education Limited. Kotler, P. and Armstrong G., 2007. Marketing An Introduction. USA: Pearson Education Ltd. Marieke, K., 2010. Global Marketing and Advertising. UK: SAGE publications Robert,G and Stephen, P., 2000. Nike culture the sign of the swoosh.UK: SAGE Publ. Scott, Mc., 2009. Marketing Communications in Toursim and Hospitality. Hungary: Elsevier Ltd Sak, O and John J. Shaw., 2004. Channels of Distribution.UK: Routledge William, D. and Andrew, Z., 2010. Entrepreneurship. UK: RR Doonelley Publications Websites: [1] Seikowatches, 2010. Corporate Message. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [2] Seikowatches, 2010. Corporate Profile. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [3] Singapore Department of statistics, 2010. Latest Data. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [4] Singapore Economic Development Board, 2010. Singapore Rankings. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [5] EzineArticles, 2010. Seiko Becoming The New Name In Hip Watches. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [6] SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION, 2009. Investor Relations. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [7] Seikowatches, 2010. Products. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [8] WatchesForMenStore, 2010. Seiko and Citizen Watches Reflect Japanese Watch. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [9] WatchMarketReview, 2010. Seiko. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [10] Seikowatches, 2010. Global Network. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [11] Fashionproducts, 2010. Fashion Accessories Overview. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [12] Docstoc, 2010. Watch Industry Report. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [13] PuristSPro, 2010. Singapore Clock Watch Trade Association (SCWTA). [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [14] Vision of Humanity, 2010. Global Peace Index GPI. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [15] Janus Corporate Solutions Pte Ltd, 2010. Singapore corporate income tax rates. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [16] Tradingeconomics, 2010. Singapore GDP Growth Rate. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [17] Prosperity Financial Services, 2010.Growing in Watch Market. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. [18] Brandchannel, 2010. Time is money in the luxury watch market of Asia. [Online]Available at:[Accessed 01 December 2010]. [19] MICA, 2010. Living conditions in Singapore. [Online]Available at: [Accessed 01 December 2010]. Appendix Appendix 1: Source: Courtesy of Singapore Economic Development Board

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Blindness in King Lear Essay -- Literary Analysis, Shakespeare

Blindness is defined as, according to dictionaries, â€Å"unable to see and lacking the sense of sight†, but in King Lear, written by William Shakespeare, it has a relatively new definition. Blindness, as Shakespeare portrays, not only a physical inability to see, but also a mental flaw that some characters present in this tragic play. King Lear and the Earl of Gloucester are the two characters who make up the parallel â€Å"double plot† of the tragedy caused of their lack of sight, mental blindness. They both undergo a very similar plot and suffer from their false decisions, the ones they feel very remorseful of later on. In other words, such blindness is the root of false decisions that leads to disasters. The interaction of physical blindness and mental blindness has been dramatically portrayed in the play. To clarify, since their blurred sight has not been cleared until the end, the realization of the statement in the middle of the play, â€Å"I am a man more sinnà ¢â‚¬â„¢d against than sinning† (3.4.60-61), is not reasonably forceful. Lear’s lack of sight has been the most important theme that he is blindest one among all the characters. Due to his social situation, the king of British, he supposes to be the one who have extraordinary wisdom and skills to make sensible choices and to rationally manage his power. However, his mental blindness avoids him to do so. First of all, as a king, he has to be responsible for his kingdom that he should stay as a king until he dies, not ignoring to see the order of chain of being and renouncing his monarchial power and handing it over to his daughters. In Act 1, he plans to offer one of three parts of his kingdom to each of his daughters. According to the idea of â€Å"The Great Chain of Being†, â€Å"the structure of... ...t is to see things with eyes. However, this solution comes up too late to avoid the tragedy happening, the once supreme king has fallen to a heartbreaking status and eyeless but recovering Gloucester is considering to be as mad as the king so that he wouldn’t have to deal with this depressing situation he has as he says: â€Å"The king is mad. How stiff is my vile sense, that I stand up, and have ingenious feeling of my huge sorrows! Better I were distract.† (4.6. 305-307) Such downfall is devastating for both Lear and Gloucester, and mental blindness is the cause of it. As a result, they cannot blame that â€Å"I am a man more sinn’d against than sinning†, because the origin comes from themselves. It’s an impressive lesson for everyone living in this physical world that our eyes can only see the surface of objects and our hearts can see through the essential of objects.

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Evaluation of Estella from Great Expectations Essay -- Great Expectatio

Evaluation of Estella from Great Expectations. Evaluation of Estella "The lady whom I had never seen before, lifted up her eyes and looked archly at me, and then I saw that the eyes were Estella's eyes." From this passage, I believe it is safe to infer that Pip notices a great change in Estella's appearance and the way she carries herself, once she comes back from finishing school, but is there really that much of a change in the rest of her? Although she may change her methods, she's still unemotional, she still takes orders from Miss Havisham, and she still leads Pip on. Speaking of leading Pip on, Estella leads Pip on. When Pip is at Miss Havisham's for the second time, Estella acts as if she likes Pip and does something very unlike herself. "There was a bright flush upon her face... she stepped back into the passage and beckoned me. 'Come here! You may kiss me if you like! I kissed her cheek as she turned it to me. I think I would have gone through a great deal to kiss her cheek. But, I felt that the kiss was given to the coarse common boy as a piece of money might have been, and that was worth nothing." (Page 93, paragraphs 2-4) As you can see Estella is definitely leading Pip on. Estella also leads Pip on in the second half of the book. She goes with Pip to balls and other parties. She also goes down to Miss Havisham's with him, but these things have no meaning.] As I just mentioned Pip and Estella go down to Miss Havisham's together. This is because; although she is grown-up Estella is still controlled by Miss H. What I'm saying is that Miss H makes them go (well not so much Pip; he just comes along for the ride). She also controls Estella in other ways. She makes her write notes ho... ...the book, but I've got more proof from the second half. At this part Pip tries to compliment Estella and she laughs right in his face. "'I live quite pleasantly there; at least-'It appeared to me that I was losing a chance. 'At least?' repeated Estella. 'As pleasantly as I could anywhere away from you.' 'You silly boy,' said Estella, quite composedly, 'how can you talk such nonsense?'" (Page 226, paragraphs 8-11) Hey, I don't know about anyone else, but I think that was pretty mean (although it wasn't the same kind of meanness that was in the first part). That's exactly what my paper's on. I think I've just proved that Estella is the same person throughout the whole book, but the kind of person she is changes (whether she's leading Pip on, being controlled by Miss Havisham, or being her mean ol' self). If I have then my mission was successful. Evaluation of Estella from Great Expectations Essay -- Great Expectatio Evaluation of Estella from Great Expectations. Evaluation of Estella "The lady whom I had never seen before, lifted up her eyes and looked archly at me, and then I saw that the eyes were Estella's eyes." From this passage, I believe it is safe to infer that Pip notices a great change in Estella's appearance and the way she carries herself, once she comes back from finishing school, but is there really that much of a change in the rest of her? Although she may change her methods, she's still unemotional, she still takes orders from Miss Havisham, and she still leads Pip on. Speaking of leading Pip on, Estella leads Pip on. When Pip is at Miss Havisham's for the second time, Estella acts as if she likes Pip and does something very unlike herself. "There was a bright flush upon her face... she stepped back into the passage and beckoned me. 'Come here! You may kiss me if you like! I kissed her cheek as she turned it to me. I think I would have gone through a great deal to kiss her cheek. But, I felt that the kiss was given to the coarse common boy as a piece of money might have been, and that was worth nothing." (Page 93, paragraphs 2-4) As you can see Estella is definitely leading Pip on. Estella also leads Pip on in the second half of the book. She goes with Pip to balls and other parties. She also goes down to Miss Havisham's with him, but these things have no meaning.] As I just mentioned Pip and Estella go down to Miss Havisham's together. This is because; although she is grown-up Estella is still controlled by Miss H. What I'm saying is that Miss H makes them go (well not so much Pip; he just comes along for the ride). She also controls Estella in other ways. She makes her write notes ho... ...the book, but I've got more proof from the second half. At this part Pip tries to compliment Estella and she laughs right in his face. "'I live quite pleasantly there; at least-'It appeared to me that I was losing a chance. 'At least?' repeated Estella. 'As pleasantly as I could anywhere away from you.' 'You silly boy,' said Estella, quite composedly, 'how can you talk such nonsense?'" (Page 226, paragraphs 8-11) Hey, I don't know about anyone else, but I think that was pretty mean (although it wasn't the same kind of meanness that was in the first part). That's exactly what my paper's on. I think I've just proved that Estella is the same person throughout the whole book, but the kind of person she is changes (whether she's leading Pip on, being controlled by Miss Havisham, or being her mean ol' self). If I have then my mission was successful.

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Many Teenagers Run Away from Home Essay

Each year, many teenagers run away from home. Why do you think are their chief causes? There are many teenagers who run away from their home. Recently the problem of teenagers running away from home is getting more and more serious. This happens in big cities and small towns, and our country is no exception. Each year, many teenagers run away from their families. But it all depends on the person. The main reasons of teenagers’ running away are in surrounding community. The closest people in the world are our family. But if there are some problems in family, then person, especially teenager, who is formed own current psyche, escape from the hopelessness. Nowadays it is very difficult to live with the society around us. Many people try to find a benefit only for themselves, trying to deceive someone in order to satisfy their needs. They deceive each other without thinking that makes a pain and mental injury. There are several reasons why teenagers run away from home, normally these reasons are related to conditions in the families, bad influence of their friends and financial problem. The first cause of running away is conditions in the family. One of the reasons is because they come from broken homes where their parents are divorced. They do not get enough love and care from their parents. As a result, they will go and find love and care elsewhere. Some parents have the habit of quarrelling in front of their children. The children feel ashamed of their parents and cannot stand this kind of environment. In the end they run away from home. Some parents are too strict with their children. They always punished, scold and lecture their children. They also put too much pressure on their children especially in their studies. Actually they should encourage and guide them more instead of putting unrealistic goals on their lives. Most teenagers do not like to be restricted and treated like children. They want to have their own freedom. They like to be creative and learn things for themselves. To overcome the problem, parents should learn how to care and love their children. They need to be sensitive and careful not to do certain things in front of the children. For example, if they have conflicts among themselves, they need to settle it on their own first instead of arguing or quarrelling in front of their children. In many families children are afraid of talking to their parents and asking them for what they want. For this reason the misunderstandings between them grow bigger and bigger. This often ends in a big quarrel. The second reason that leads to run away teenagers from their home is bad influence of their friends. They find their own way of escape by running away from home. They tend to spend their time with their friends than staying at home. That is the beginning of the problem. If they mix with the wrong group of friends, they will get involve with all kinds of wrong activities. For example, under the influence of bad friends, teenagers who escape from home may fall under alcohol dependence. Teenagers abuse alcohol. They seem to be getting a hold of alcohol at a younger and younger age. Since alcohol is used to celebrate and have fun, teens that abuse alcohol most likely has no idea of the affect alcohol and its abuse can have on their bodies. If they find bad friends that influence of them, they begin to offer drinking and in the end teens used to drink and become an alcoholics. Then finish their life in the street. Also teens may become drug addict, which in turn lead to depression and suicide. The most common reason why teenagers use drug is to relieve stress. Many of them have to suffer stress from family condition. One of the explanations is that drugs users have a poor family life. The majority of drug users have had an unhappy childhood which includes cruel punishment and parental neglect. Many teenagers become a fraudster and a thief when the run away from home. Thus the undergrowths, which are associated with bad friends, began to becoming fraudsters or steal on the street. Eventually they are arrested for petty theft and in the future they have no chance to make something oflife, because they have a criminal past. The last cause of teenagers running away is financial problem. The most teenagers run away from their house for financial problem in the family. Mendicancy is big problem nowadays, especially in our country. A lot of people standing on the street and ask money. Most of them teenagers, I am sure that they have family and house, but anyway the escape from their home. The main reason it is financial problem. They become a thief and begin to stealing bags, wallets, mobile phones and others valuable things. If someone steals so they can survive or to help other people that are in need then in most cases it’s alright. To steal just because they didn’t want to pay for something even though they’re capable then it’s wrong. These people should be punished in order to learn that they were wrong for stealing. But these teenagers who have home and family, who must study, help parents, they should not steal. But others teenagers find not good pay jobs, such as water in cheap cafes, cleaner, job in car washing, janitor and so on. They need the money, but they have not opportunity and choice and they have to work in such jobs as these. They have not education and no one can help them with good job. Every teenager who run away from home, have made a bad decision. They got themselves under the pressures that they felt the need to escape from. Instead of facing their problem and solving it, they chose to run from it. When they have the right decision to change some of the things that may be going on in their lives, the pressure lessens, and there is no more need for them to escape. If they learn to solve their problem and their parents will help them to do so,withoutcursingandimpose theirgoals and solutions,then the escape of teenagers reducedmanytimes. In conclusion, there are so many teenagers who run away from their families. There are many reasons for it, but one solution parents must be more careful, understanding and loving. If parents will pay enough attention to their children, the children answered them reciprocate and they the same as apply to their children in the future. For teenagers is very important parents’ attention, their understanding and advice. Parents should only speak with their child and all this will not happen. I think the main problem of this issue is misunderstood of our parents, because they forget that they also be teenagers, they want fence in all things. But this lead to lies quarrels and finally escapes from home.