Friday, August 23, 2019

We Are Going to Ibiza Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

We Are Going to Ibiza - Assignment Example Personally speaking, I had no particular destination in mind and being an introvert, I decided to sit quiet and watch and listen to the suggestions being made by others. As expected, Lillian being the ultimate extrovert in the group with her sociable and expressive way of communication took the initiative to extend the first suggestion. Lillian suggested that as we had sufficient money with us, why not all of us take a trip to Europe? As I was avidly observing all of them, I noticed James and Susan evince a slight frown at Lillian’s suggestion. It was enough to convey to me that both of them had already decided about the place they wanted to go and were not in agreement with Lillian’s suggestion. However, I was still unsure about what Steven had in mind. I felt that either he had no special place in mind or was yet keeping his cards close. As goes well with the agreeable nature of James, and his way of being courteous and flexible while negotiating things, he welcomed L illian’s suggestion, yet asked her that what marked Europe as her first choice? What followed was a three minute speech by Lillian, which, considering her lucidness was certainly prepared well in advance, elaborating on Europe being the hub and bedrock of culture and art, and how a trip to the continent will immensely add to our sense of culture and appreciation for art, food, fashion, and other fine things in life. By the time Lillian ended, Susan broke into a big and discernible yawn, which made all of us laugh, expect for Lillian. James in his patent cooperative and genial manner, approved of Lillian’s views, yet taking the role of the self appointed group leader, suggested that a trip to Europe was something too serious and what the rest of us were looking forward to was visiting a place that was more about fun and enjoyment. Susan vociferously supported the views of James, though I was still not sure as to whether James and she had the same place in mind, or wheth er both of them were agreeing to scuttle Lillian’s suggestion. James made the next move and tried to convince Lillian that Europe was not a viable destination owing to many reasons. He placed his hand on Lillian’s shoulder and told her that the money the group had, though being ample may fall short of supporting an extensive trip to Europe. Continuing with his good natured manner, perhaps aimed at soliciting maximal cooperation from Lillian, he said that the group had been thinking about this trip more in terms of a chance to have unrestrained fun in the lap of nature. Susan not only strongly backed each and every suggestion made by James, but even went ahead to claim that a trip to Eu

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