Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Immigration - Essay Example To name a few, high wages, enhanced social mobility and raised social status are the important ones. The readiness of the employers to hire undocumented workers is a guarantee to the prospective illegal immigrant for the life he/she aspires. Throughout the history of America, people of differing ideologies have generally agreed on immigration controls. Public opinion polls have continually shown an overwhelming opposition to illegal immigration as well as for the concept of amnesty. The most persuasive rationale to be in opposition to this latest bill again does not respect the rule of law. There have been controversies regarding the political loyalties, work habits and moral values of the immigrants. Amnesty for illegal aliens is the cornerstone of both John McCain and Barack Obama’s immigration policy. Amnesty is merely a reward for law-breaking and by whatever name, causes ever escalating future illegal immigration. â€Å"No system depending on a strict regard for the rule of law can treat law-breaking so casually† (Erler, 2004). Those who favor amnesty for illegal aliens, specifically those crossing the southern border do not seem to realize that a crime has been committed and not, as they might have you believe, one without a victim. A cluster of criminal activities exist in order to make illegal immigration possible. Since the deportation of illegal immigrants is not a criminal activity, it is more of an administrative function than a judicial one. Therefore, an efficient executive branch is central to the right handling of the issue of illegal immigration. The executive branch is charged with enforcing the law pertaining to illegal immigration. Nevertheless, none of the Presidential candidates has pledged to make the executive proactive against illegal immigration. It is often noted by many an observer that the number of illegal immigrants is outpacing the number of legal ones and it is a rapidly growing

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