Saturday, August 10, 2019

Emplyment Relation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Emplyment Relation - Essay Example Another problem which is aggravating the situation is the arrangement of finances for the back-pays and the future wage increases by the councils. The dispute resolution process can be divided into three phases based on the types of grievances. All the three phases will be at work simultaneously with three separate HR teams working on the assignment. The first phase will address the issues of the employees who have been subjected to salary cuts. It is apparent that no employee will accede to their salary cut on the pretext of social justice. However, the financial prudence of implementing the equal pay policy requires that some financing of hike in wages be done through some salary cuts. So, the first thing that can be done is to re-evaluate the grades of those employees who have been subjected to salary cuts. This will be a time consuming exercise, however it will help in avoiding any further litigation. Some time can be saved by looking at data from previous litigations by such employees. It has been observed that some particular jobs had been upgraded after going into litigation. This data can be helpful in re-grading. A ta rget time can be set for this phase and during this time the salaries and other employment terms remain unchanged. For those whose grades are upgraded after the re-evaluation exercise, arrears can be paid at a later agreed-upon time. With this step the problems of the most aggrieved section of employees can be addressed. The time period for this re-evaluation of grades should not be more than 9 months. For those whose salaries will be upgraded after the re-grading exercise, there will be appropriate salary raise. For others whose grades still need to be revised towards the lower side, there will be no reduction in salary but only grade change. There other benefits will be downgraded but not the salary. They will be given a signing bonus in the form of 2.5% of their salary increment. These

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