Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Problems of Contemporary American Culture Assignment

The Problems of Contemporary American Culture - Assignment Example Many teenagers disrespect their parents, adults, the elderly, and traditions. The media no longer differentiate the news from gossip and personal opinions. Many people assert their rights without knowing and doing their responsibilities as law-abiding and productive citizens. We have high rates of recidivism, because we not prepare ex-convicts for re-integration into community life. Sapiental Circle Questions What do you cherish about American culture? Respondent 1 Sex: Male Age: 52 Relationship: Neighbor and friend Answer: I cherish the belief in the American Dream, where any people from any gender, race, and age can attain happiness and success through hard work and determination. Respondent 2 Sex: Female Age: 39 Relationship: Mother’s friend Answer: I cherish the freedoms in American culture that other societies do not have, like freedom of speech and freedom of demonstration. Respondent 3 Sex: Male Age: 19 Relationship: Cousin Answer: I like that we have freedoms. I can cr iticize my government without being killed for my views. Respondent 4 Sex: Female Age: 18 Relationship: Friend Answer: I like the notion of the American Dream and our freedoms. It means we can be who we want to be and no one can stop us. We can speak our minds and we can still wake up and live another day. Classmate 1 Sex: Female Age: 20 Relationship: Friend Answer: The best in American culture is our freedoms. ... Respondent 1 Answer: So many youth nowadays have no respect for their parents and adults. They think they know everything and yet they know nothing, even about themselves and their culture. Respondent 2 Answer: Mass media makes me sick. I rarely watch TV nowadays. It’s all about selling sex, violence, and materialism. Respondent 3 Answer: People fight for their rights, but they don’t want the responsibilities that go with it. They just want this and that, but they will not give time for issues that matter. Respondent 4 Answer: I find it problematic that media glorifies skinny and perfectly beautiful models and actresses. They teach youth that they can never be young, pretty, and sexy enough. They teach poor self-esteem and self worth. Classmate 1 Answer: The problem is the lack of self-criticism, the inability to stop and examine our weaknesses. Media also sucks. It’s driven by money and produces sexual, misogynistic, and materialistic images and messages all the time. Classmate 2 Answer: It’s problematic that people no longer care about each other. They are too individualistic. I also dislike its apparent lack of respect for other cultures in other countries. We cannot force our ideals on others, no matter how noble we think they are. My Own Answers What do you cherish about American culture? I cherish the concept of the American Dream and our civil rights and freedoms. Migrants and natives can both reach their ideals of success and happiness. They have the liberty and support from the government too, which help them reach their dreams in life. What do you find problematic in America culture? I find it problematic that the culture is steeped with materialism, sensationalism, discrimination, indifference, immorality

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