Monday, August 26, 2019

Brief summery about Q-Media company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brief summery about Q-Media company - Essay Example The aim is to connect brands with the consumers in a unique way. This is achieved using multi-channel set of services (Bayt, 2014). The company also enjoys a strong association with Qatar regulatory authorities. This can be seen through collaborative initiatives on the developmental agenda. For a period the company has been in existence, it has acted as a reliable partner to the state through development of Qatar. Moreover, the company has led to a remarkable improvement of outdoor media in terms of reach, diversity, and quality (Q.Media, 2014).This is reflected in the development of Qatar. Most of the transactions of the company occur between the states. As a result, the company can be said to involve to business to government (B2G). For example, the company enjoys a close working relationship with regulatory authorities in Qatar. Some of those the company is involved with the transaction includes Doha municipality and major transportation companies such as Mowasalat (Q.Media, 2014). The products offered by the company are in line with the needs of the state. Moreover, the companies work with the state in organizing events. For example, it was recently involved with the Qatar tourism authority to organize Qatar motor show (GL-Events, 2012). offers services to diverse people. It offers opportunities to anyone with advertising campaigns. However, the company enjoys valuable clients such as government organizations and authorities. Some of those includes NGOs, banks, corporate, airlines, and advertising agencies. The company has various divisions that offer services. The first one is outdoor. This provides outdoor advertising in Doha and Qatar (Bayt, 2014). The other product is Decaux. This is an initiative between and JCDecaux (Bayt, 2014). It is a major advertising company world wide and acts as a global leader in outdoor adverting. The other is events. The role is to

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