Sunday, August 11, 2019

Identifying specific emergencies and disasters which could impact your Case Study

Identifying specific emergencies and disasters which could impact your community - Case Study Example It also describes the criteria utilized when determining the lead position during the emergency and the authority that the lead person will possess. In addition, the paper describes the methods of communication that will be used during the emergency to maintain control of the team and the personnel who will be allowed to make independent decisions in the field. Finally, the paper concludes with the author’s opinion concerning the appropriateness of allowing input into the disaster management process during an emergency. The use of the incident command systems in the emergency management plan allows for incorporation of facilities, people, equipment, procedures along with communication mechanisms that work in common organizational structures. The systems will also allow for coordinated responses from the private along with public sectors. In addition, the systems will help in establishing common processes that will be used for planning along with managing the available resources. The advantage of utilizing the systems mainly lies in the fact that it allows the users to assume an incorporated organizational structure when managing multiple disaster occurrences. It’s additionally applicable across all levels of government found in the United States (Miller, 2007). The person who will be responsible for directing and controlling the disaster operations will be the chief of Police for the Biloxi region. In determining the lead position during the emergency, the criteria utilized will mainly aim at ensuring the all the people’s lives along with the properties in their surrounding are protected (â€Å"Biloxi’s History With Tropical Systems†, 2012; â€Å"Biloxi Tornado Information†, 2012). The team leader will have to be professionally trained in handling bomb explosions since the emergencies may occur at any time without giving prior warning. The lead position will

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