Friday, November 8, 2019

When a G od brings a life into the world the child Essays

When a G od brings a life into the world the child Essays When a G od brings a life into the world the child is then given a purpose. The decision is yours to de cide if you want to achieve the destiny that was created for you. As a child I almost lost my opportunity to make a difference in the world. At birth I was premature and un responsive so the doctors had to revive me. As a result of me being a premature baby my heart was very weak which led to me having a severe heart attack at the age of three . Times like those , make me feel " My life would never be the same after . " I say this because thinking back at that very moment , I realized that G od has a purpose for me on this earth and if not he I would have died years ago. So for me to be able write this essay is a privilege. However, for me to not apply myself in my life, my studies, and in my dreams would be a slap in Gods face As Plato would say to do injustice is more disgraceful than to suf fer it . So mediocre is no longer an option, because it is an injustice and with my life I declare to be nothing less than extraordinary. With that sa id, during the duration of my life I decide d to live as if every day was the last. So I joined the cheerleading team . Cheer leading for me was not a new love it was something I have always enjoyed .To Perform, is to inspire , and inspiring is what I have love d to do . F rom birth until now , I have been dedicated to 4 performance activities: cheerleading, Dance , choir, and Theatre ( both inside school and outside of school) . Here recently I realized how confident I became at being in front of crowds it just seemed easier to me with all that I have been doing . With my new found talent I decided to become a part of the spoken word group at my school. As a teen I feel our generation needs more positivity and if each one teaches one than my words can go a long way .With my passion I feel I would be a great person to get a degree in psychology , because I like to see how h umans work, what a group of people stress about, not only to find the problem in someone's life but help them see the potential that they have to better themselves. Yes, me , a juni or in high school can make a difference and to help me do so I have joined three programs since my freshman year : FBLA, The Louisville Upward bound program, and The L EEP program. In upward bound I was awarded the best Spanish student and the most improved math student. Each and every program I am in has helped me keep my eyes on my success and be a better leader with a growing desire for business and a better leader in my community all around. As a result of my growth in leader ship ski lls from both being cheer captain and all of the wonderful programs I am in I became a teen youth leader of Cannan Christian Church , I have a job and I am doing pretty well balancing work, school, and dance. So I feel by taking on more responsibilities and balancing school is good preparation for college because I do understand that life is not all golden but I will have to work through my hard time s to follow the path th at I need to be on. There are two things I would do if I were to be awarded with The LEEP student of the year scholarship, I would further my education and purse my desired degrees in psychology and business. To me education is very important and, I just want to give back to the world the inspiration that the world has given to me. I will be honest. Am I the most perfect student? No but I have

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