Friday, February 7, 2020

Marketing Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing Model - Essay Example There is also a need of having knowledge and understanding on the consumer’s behavior and their motivation for buying the products under consideration. Other areas of knowledge are the customer’s preferences and awareness concerning the product under consideration. On this basis, there is a need of integrating all these strategies for purposes of achieving efficiency in marketing (Rosenbloom, 2013). On this basis, the functions of marketing in the 21st century is integrating the wants and needs of customers to the other functions of the organization such as finance, Research and Development, production and personnel. On this basis, in the 21st century, marketing alone does not hold the success of the organization. This also applies to the other functions of the organization. However, it is the role of marketing to integrate the functions of different departments for purposes of promoting the goals and objectives of the business organization (Kotler, 2010). An example of a company that failed to integrate all its departments is Urea, a fertilizer manufacturing company. The company recently found itself in a stiff completion from foreign and local companies producing similar products. However, the company did not concern itself with improving its prices, quality of the products, its packaging and selling strategies. The marketing department and other departments of the organization worked separately, and at crossroads. This led to the loss of its market share to its various competitors. On this basis, there was a need of the management of Urea to define its marketing strategies, and give it the integrative role (Sheehan, 2011). This would help the company to regain its market share, and achieve profitability. From the above example, we can denote that effective marketing will lead to the profitability of a business organization (Rosenbloom, 2013). However, other functions of the organization such

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