Thursday, October 10, 2019

Lockie Leonard Proflie Essay

Lockie Leonard is 13 year old boy but he turns 14 in the book. He lives in a small town called Angelus with his family of 5, his dad’s name is Sarge and his mum’s name is Joy, he has a little brother and sister named Phillip and Blob. Blob is just a todler who can not walk or talk yet, Phillip thinks heis a mad scientist and likes to check girls out â€Å"A note from the teacher saying that he was obsessed with sex†p. 184, and he also still wets the bed and he is 11 years old. His best friend is Egg but he moved away, but they still talk by letters. Lockie is in love with Viki Streeton, according to him she is the hottest girl in school. His mum was depressed and crying all the timeand no one had any idea what was going on especially Lockie, Lockie was very troubled by this he was confused. Joy used to do all the things around thehouse like clean, wash and cook dinner but after she left Lockie had do all these jobs. In doing all these jobs and doing them well and his mum being sick Lockie and Sarge grew closer in there relationship in trusting each and talking to each other. After a while in hospital his mum was gradually getting better, Lockie went to talk to her every day because he missed her and wanted to make sure she was alright. Eventually she got out and she was felling great and had never felt better so Lockie’s life was back to normal, his mum was alright and his relationship with his dad was great and him and Viki had sort of started things again so it was going perfect.

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