Thursday, October 17, 2019

She's One of a Kind Boutique Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

She's One of a Kind Boutique - Term Paper Example The boutique offers a wide variety of clothing items for women. The clothing items retailed at the business are designed by a team of experts associated with the organization and they are manufactured by a contracted manufacturing organization. The boutique also features clothing items by other designers as well who work in collaboration with the boutique. The competitive advantage of the business is the innovation in the production of the clothing items. The expert designers hired by the organization are encouraged to produce innovative designs and such designs are critically assessed. Only after the appropriate approvals, such designs are moved to the next level that is manufacturing. The main reason behind the established position of the business in the market is its competitive advantage. The competitors of the organization are unable to move the organization from its market share due to competitive advantage of the organization. Another factor that may be the reason behind the s mooth operations of the organization is the efficient use of technology. The business makes extensive use of technology throughout its operations. The information related to the business is centralized on a cloud computing system and the authorized personnel have access to the information. The marketing strategy of the organization includes; offering discounts to the customers, offering value cards and other promotional activities. In order to ensure that the organization retains its market share amidst the competition projected by other organizations operating in the market, the organizations implements upon its marketing strategy at a regular basis. The organization offers value cards to its customers which can be used by the customers to avail discounts. The more a customer shops, the more value points are added to the account of the customer and when a customer reaches a certain level, the customer becomes eligible to avail discounts. Promotional activities include distribution of flyers at shopping places and placement of banners. Initial financing of the organization was done partially through the investment done by the owners of the organization and partially through the debt acquired by the bank through a long term loan. The funds were utilized to acquire office and store space, to acquire the necessary computer and other office equipment, and to carry out initial advertisement of the business. The start-up personnel of the organization were; core management for each department and subordinate staff. The organization hired limited staff in order to start the business and once the business started to grow, more staff was hired on the basis of the requisitions filed by the core management. The hiring is done through an extensive process and it is ensured that only the eligible personnel are hired by the organization. Section 2: Code of Conduct The organization gives significant importance to the compliance with market standards. It is believed by the cor e management that compliance with standards is more than the responsibility of the organization but it is the way the business should be conducted. The organization also promotes ethical conduct of the staff and core management in

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