Friday, June 14, 2019

A Comparison between Islamic and Non-Islamic banks and companies in Research Paper

A Comparison between Islamic and Non-Islamic sticks and companies in terms - Research Paper ExampleThe key disagreement of the two banks is that, The Islamic Banking is found on Sharia foundation. And therefore, all its transaction, business approach, investment focus, product feature, responsibility and many more are derived from the Shariah law, this lead to the significant difference in many part of its operations with as that of the conventional banks.Furthermore,the foundation of Islamic bank is based on the Islamic faith and tends to stay just in spite of appearance the within the limits of this Islamic Laws or the Shariah to be specific in all of its operations and decisions. The Arabic word Shariah has means the way to the root of lifeBeing the first National bank in Qatar, The Qatar national bank was the first bank to launch a financial services subsidiary. The bank then launched the launch of QNB Financial Services in the year 2011. Through this project, the bank has o ffered a range of financial services to both the domestic and planetary institutional investors. As it continues to grow, the QNB is determined to place itself as a leading financial institution that is able to use its assets in making positive difference throughout its market ,the bank therefore seems to be the pace setter for the other Banks like the Commercial Bank of QatarThe financial market of Qatar is considered small and accordingly relies on its regional dimension. The GCC investments contributes on the Qatar Stock Exchange estimated at 62.5 billion ($17 billion) Qatari riyal .Generally the Qatar economy depends on its neighbors when it comes to trade, more specifically Saudi-Arabian Arabia, in consideration to export and import and also marketing of Qatar products.The Qatar economy really depends on its Gas. The Qatar gas is the worlds largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) company. It produces annually and supplies the bollock with over 42 million metric tons of LNG from across its four

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