Thursday, June 13, 2019

Poverty and Pollution Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Poverty and Pollution Case Study - Assignment ExampleOf course, the implications come with some benefits of economic prosperity at the expense of citizens health and disbursement in their future. It is the price they get to pay for the benefits of harmful investment in their countries. This document discuses human right to a clean and safe environment, justifies the moral obligations of unquestionable countries towards 3rd world countries for their incurred costs, and finally, recommends civil liability and taxations as pollution standards that are fair for global enforcement. Keywords Pollution, Environmental Degradation, Third World Countries, First World Countries, economic system and Development, Pollution Control, Industrialization, Investment, Cities, Production, Costs, Price, Business, Regulations Pollution can be categorized differently depending on its cause and impact in the societies. It has become a key sensitive plain not only at the national level, but at a global governance level, with too many policies being enforced from the industrialized nations to the third world countries. Effectively, environmental law is a measure expected to preserve the environmental pure conditions by preventing further degradation. However, its application is being taken disadvantageously in industrialized nations unlike in developing nations, who still feel that they need the opportunity to grow, before they apply the law effectively at a pace the industrialized nations have set in their nations. Air and water pollution have taken the lead in bringing serious cud destruction.

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