Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Unionized organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unionized organization - Essay ExampleThe benefits of the union because of having a union are that the organization does not have to face unnecessary threats from the employees in cases of termination of services. This is because of the presence of a written agreement between the organization and the union declaring and clearly stating the terms of service. As a result, in cases of violation of the terms of service by the employee, the sufferal organization has every right to terminate the individual without fear of rebuttal by the union. In addition, the postal corporation stands to gain by setting the standards of work that the employees have to follow failure to which the employee can be terminated without threats and repercussions for the organization. The union in like manner sets a clear guideline for the postal corporation on what is expected of it under any situation relating to its employees starting from the medical benefits to the leave that employees are entitled. With this is in mind the post corporation has improved planning strategies in that nothing catches it off guard. This is as see in cases of covering retirement benefits and disciplinary issues. The post office also gains substantially by having disciplinary issues handled by the workers union in that their agreement stipulates disciplinary measures. In such cases, the organization is free from obligation as it only follows the terms of the agreement by applying corrective measures and not punitive punitive measures are left for severe cases (APWU 107).The union bargains in a number of ways to ensure that the needs of the members are met at all times, which include dialogue and other drastic centre. One such means is through with(predicate) strikes, which is a right of every worker should the organization fail to meet the terms that are agreed on in the union contract (APWU).However, this means is a drastic one and only applies in cases where contract negotiations do end in an agreemen t.

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