Sunday, May 5, 2019

Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Change Management - Essay ExampleThe many competitors in battery manufacturing industry and market hit forced the smart set to invest in innovation, show from experience and share information, plan and implement changes, and respond to the external environment.The company has invested in innovation to meliorate its productivity, ability, market share, and competitiveness. The managers and the R&D department promote innovative environment to enhance employee motivation, autonomy, creativity, and to build stronger teams. The company has been committed to fostering clarity in understanding of roles, strategic partnerships, organizational restructuring, investment in military personnel resources, and increased responsibilities to enrich the organizational culture of innovation. By empowering employees to engage in innovative processes, PPS believes this will permit them (employees) with a sense of autonomy thereby boosting job satisfaction. The companys HR department derriere als o work closely with R&D department to offer training and tools that enhance employee efficiency in an effort to promote a culture of internal innovation and efficiency. Red vs. Blue ocean Strategy will particularly help PPS create uncontested markets (blue oceans) for its new products and services. In contrast, competitors are very much aware of the competitive rules of the game in red oceans, a highly contested market blank shellHowever, PPS has been experiencing difficulties with achieving goals and purpose of innovation. For instance, the handling of electric batteries in gear rooms, dedicated electric battery rooms, isolated sites, and facts and figures centers have proved to be a major obstacle to internal innovation. The battery handling equipment has been around for some(prenominal) years, and its efficiency for the job has declined drastically. At some point, PPS lacked safer handling methods due to limited number of trained and strung-out personnel for battery work. Ap art from the current cell handling techniques at the

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