Monday, May 27, 2019

The Truth That Everyone Doesn’t Accept, Do You?

A truth that everyone doesnt look atDO YOU? A guinea pig for some people is the stain of society, a truth that many dont want to accept, a consequence of society and therefore is not accept. For us is just a lifestyle and we couldnt hear it like a mistake. crotchet has existed since ancient time, homosexuality didn? t appear ten years ago, it isnt fashionable or a disease and then what is homosexuality?In our opinion its a rule condition that the people have had to accept like all society. Homosexuality could be seen as an attitude towards life, everyone has a freedom to be as you want to be, even animal could be homosexual, everything stars for our birth, on one side is matter of hormones feeling attraction to the same sex since childhood, when the mind becomes curious.In biological perspective, it isnt bad that a person who born with these trend, and has accepted himself and his condition, and he just decides to live through his life in company a person of the same sex what i s wrong is a fathers repression and the close mind and traditions of many people with normal tendencies, that people try to mold the other, whether religious, political, family etc, and its wrong just because that repression is what generates fears, confusions and doubts.On the other hand society couldnt judge homosexual people just because exist a logical possibility that this person was physically and mentally abused in their childhood, or may be violated, all these criminal acts can be committed by a normal or heterosexual person, so why we judge homosexuals if a normal person could be a beast. Society also said that not have the same education a child who is raise by same-sex couples that is raised by partners of both sexes, because the child will need a father and a mother.To this, highlight those children who have died are the conjure up when they were young and not because they lacked the parent have to have a bad education. Or, highlight those who are children of single mo thers and now are what? Now they are important people with good education. Homosexuality is not a disease or a virus, is a truth you must learn to believe, is present in life, everyday, and even more present in society. Homosexual people are not beasts as they are in some cases, terrorists, thieves, criminals, then why judge the person who loves the same sex and no other who does real harm to society?

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