Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dietary supplements (e.g vitamins,herbal extracts,etc) Research Paper

Dietary supplements (e.g vitamins,herbal extracts,etc) - Research Paper ExampleAmino acids, which be the individual building blocks of proteins, atomic number 18 part of these substances. The supplements can come in form of pills, tablets, capsule, or liquid form. They add to the usual day-by-day diet and must not be considered for food.They are widely available and some people develop them for healthy purposes or because of health related complications. Minerals and vitamins are the common supplements. They include vitamin C or multivitamin, herbs and plants and essential source substances like omega-3 fatty acids. The supplements, according to the processors, contribute to well-being and health maintenance, but may fineness, diagnose, or prevent infections or disease. Many people have used the ingredients for many years to treat illness and service of process health. At times some of these supplements are a basis for common medicines today. For instance, willow bark tea, fo r centuries, has been a fever control mechanism. Phamceutical firms eventually realised that it contained a chemical that helps in fevr decrease and used the knowledge to come up with aspirin (HOLLENSTEIN, 2007).The researcher used random questionnaires to collect info from people around his locality. The questionnaire had questions related to the necessity of using dietary supplements. Some of the questionnaires were online while the researcher distributed other(a)s manually to collect information locally and internationally. The method used was survey questioning where information from online questionnaires was compiled and related with that of the other respondents.They do provide a nutritional support to the body of a human being and help in meeting optimal nutrient levels to ensure health from the baseline. 35% of the respondents believe that dietary supplements are good for ingestion, 4% think that some of them prevent influenza, 2% take them for boosting their immune, 10% support its consumption

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