Friday, July 26, 2019

An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench 306 Essay - 2

An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench 306 - Essay Example Moreover, alliance with brands like Coca-Cola and Gerber has also boosted the market presence of Atlantic Quench. The marketing plan for the concerned firm focuses on developing a new product for entering the mass consumer market and providing the consumers a cheaper alternative against highly priced pure juices. With an aim to sell 250000 units of 250 ml tetra packs of the new product, Atlantic Quench will begin by streamlining the functional aspects of the company to reduce their cost. The product introduction is developed with differentiation focus and the control of the marketing activities will focus on cost leadership. Based on this, the price skimming has been selected as the pricing strategy. The budget developed also reflects the estimated earnings and expenses for the new product segment of Atlantic Quench in the next 4 years. With appropriate market presence and brand development activities for creating consumer awareness, Atlantic Quench can enter the global market of jui ce and nectar segment. Atlantic Quench operates in the fruit industry mainly in its home market i.e. US and is a co-operative business process. Established in the year 1934, the co-operative has become one of the most famous brands in agricultural product market with their extensive and highly demanded product base. Jointly owned by 630 cranberry and 46 grape fruit farmers, the production channel of the company is also steady and growing. As the co-operative saw the demand of their products growing in the market, they entered the retail sector with bottled fruit juices. However, the primary concern of the business is related to control its growth in an organised manner and also ensure a good relationship with the farmers. In order to overcome the financial crunch, Atlantic Quench CEO Chuck Berry decided to develop the brand of the company by converting into a full-fledged business houses. Atlantic

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