Saturday, July 20, 2019

Essay --

â€Å"Vision without hard work is just dreaming. Hard work without vision is just wasting time but hard work along with vision creates wonders.† This famous saying has been the ‘Divine Force’ throughout my life, helping me to lead the way to a successful track. Right from my childhood I was captivated by the power of electronics that has been influencing human life. I always thought of its possibility and this curiosity motivated me to learn more about the functioning of the electronic devices. The all time fascinating cell phones attracted and created interest in me towards learning the possible ways of communication that takes place with the help of Satellites. The enthusiastic I was eager to know about the concept behind their functioning and in due course of time the basic questions were answered but many new complex questions started haunting me and so is the reason for me to take up Electronics as my stream during the term of under graduation. During my schooling, I had special interest towards Mathematics and Science. The first sense of my achievement came when I stood among the top two students of my school in the Secondary School Examination (10th standard). I secured 92.16 percentage (%) and scored 97 on a scale of 100 in Mathematics. My predilection for Mathematics prompted me to opt Physics, Chemistry and Math, as my major subjects in the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) where I worked even harder and could complete it with an aggregate of 89.6 Percentage (%) . I always felt that Engineering would be the right area for me to survey, learn and understand the fundamentals of science in order to create and enhance even the petty aspects of technology and sue for its application both in practical and real purposes. So I had... ...truly shape myself into a professional to reach your standards. It is my desire rather than coincidence that I apply to your university and I believe that I would be a suitable applicant for Research work in the university since I’ve always been inclined towards practical tasks and also exhibits the everlasting quest to learn more all the time. In return, I assure that the university will find me a student, who would contribute to the excellent track record. My admission to your university will provide me to move towards my career objectives. I can perform to my best and meet the high standards set by your university. I request you kindly to consider me for any form of financial assistance, as it would be of great help to me. In an anticipation that you would consider my request so as to pursue my higher education in a well equipped and reputed University as yours.

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