Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Marketing trend (Internet and online marketing) Assignment - 1

Marketing trend (Internet and online marketing) - Assignment Example Internet marketing reduces the overall marketing cost of a firm because a firm can utilize emailing as a marketing tool, which costs fairly lower than the direct mail (McCarthy, 2011). In addition, through e-marketing, a business can expect immediate impulsive response from its target market by them clicking on the website. In this manner, the message of the company reaches a large number of consumers in less time, as well as at low cost (Arnold, 2009). With regards to consumers, on the other hand, internet marketing reduces the cost of them going to the market to look for products. However, they can only do this if they have access to the internet (Jenkins, 2012). They also need various assets such as credit cards to purchase some goods over the internet. Internet or online marketing affects a business by providing it with a variety of advantages. It has turned into a power tool and organizations can use it to make their 24 hours presence throughout the world (Jenkins, 2012). Consumers also have the opportunity of shopping online, and inquire on the services and products at any time. With regards to customers, it is easy for them to leave their queries and comments through email or the feedback form (McCarthy, 2011). The firm’s representatives can also answer the queries instantly or in a short time period. This opportunity has helped customers build up close association with companies and this expands business. Internet marketing has brought about a rise in market competition since it has become easy for many firms to advertise successfully online by taking advantage of the low budgets (McCarthy, 2011). It is essential that firms, prior to entering an online market, be well aware of the potential impacts of internet marketing, and they should plan their strategies to face the online marketing barriers before going online. According to research, a majority of consumers, 60%, show reluctance when it come to purchasing goods over the internet. They opt

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