Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Music - Essay Example dentify his place in the society and makes him realize what role he is actually playing or being a part of the society what role the society expects him to play. However, such perception or gaining of experience is always not very positive, as, a human being, due to various socio-cultural turmoil as well as personal level hostility, perceives the society and its inhabitants essentially hostile. Due to development of such conception he also assumes that the basic requirements to live as a Human Being are not been provided to him by the social institution. Consequently, he rebels against all those systems as well as attempts to assert himself as a separate identity that is engaged in an eternal quest to gain his rights and rightful place in the socio-cultural backdrop. In the eyes of the society he becomes, thus, an outlaw, a misfit but deep inside his heart he believes that what he is doing is right because he is fighting not only for his place in the society as an individual but his rebellion is actually voicing position of several other people who also are engaged in the same quest to recover their rightful place in the society. Judging this position, such a person can be equaled with the character of Satan in Paradise Lost (Book I) where Satan wages immortal battle against God, who becomes representative of the social institutions, restraining basic rights and freedom of the common people. Such essence of hope for a better future, fused with the spirit of rebellion can best be perceived in music. Whenever it has come to social dynamism, radical change into the existing socio-cultural structure, and change into the cultural perspective of the existing social form, music has always voiced the reflection of common people, their perception about society and the spirit to rebel that would finally help in constructing and deconstructing the thought pattern for a better future. Such phenomenon is true in case of every society, if we make an evaluation of music from

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