Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mr. Price

Place your cursor on the area where you wish to enter Information. The box will turn black; begin typing. Title: Content Area: Publisher: Hardware Required: courseware Functions: check all that apply by â€Å"left† mouse clicking In the square. Drill and practice Simulation Instructional gaming Problem solving Tutorial Other Many characteristics should be considered when selecting courseware for use in one's classroom or lab, but the following should be considered essential qualities for ny instructional product on the computer.If courseware does not meet these criteria, It should not be considered for purchase. For each item, check (left mouse click), all that are appropriate for the courseware under review. l. Instructional Design and Pedagogical Soundness Teaching strategy appropriate for student level and based on best-known methods. Presentation on screen contains nothing that misleads or confuses students. Readability and difficulty at an appropriate level for students w ho will use it Comments to students not abusive or insulting Graphics fulfill important purpose (motivation, information) and are not distracting to learners.Criteria specific to drill and practice functions High degree of control over presentation rate (unless the method is timed review). Appropriate feedback for correct answers (none, if timed; not elaborate or time- consuming) Feedback more reinforcing for correct than for incorrect responses. Criteria specific to tutorials High degree of interactivity (not just reading information). High degree of user control (forward and backward movement, branching upon request). omprehensive teaching sequence so Instruction Is self-contained and stand-alone.Adequate answer-judging capabilities for student-constructed answers to questions Criteria specific to simulations Appropriate degree of fidelity (accurate depiction of system being modeled) Good documentation available on how program works. Criteria specific to instructional games: Low q uotient of violence or combat-type activities 1 OF2 Amount 0T pnyslcal aexterlty requlrea approprlate to students Content No grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors on screen. and current No racial, ethnic, or gender stereotypes. no wlll use It. II.All content accurate Sensitive treatment of moral and/or social issues (e. g. , perspectives on war or capital punishment) Ill. User Flexibility User normally has some control of movement within the program (e. g. , can go from screen to screen at desired rate; can read text at desired rate; can exit program when desired). Can turn off sound, if desired ‘V. Technical Soundness Program loads consistently, without error. Program does not break, no matter what the student enters. the screen says it should do. Decision Recommended for purchase Not recommended Comments: Program does what

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