Thursday, September 12, 2019

IMC and Customer Satisfaction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IMC and Customer Satisfaction - Assignment Example Thirdly the advertising strategy must align to the marketing goals by ensuring that the advertising spends results in the expected revenue and marketing goals and thus ensuring that the resources spent on advertising are not wasted or spent in markets where little revenue is expected. There are different ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising but these vary from type of advertising that is being looked at and also in their accuracy. There isn’t a really scientific way of accurately measuring advertising per se but there are many ways of looking at the impacts of advertising and from that being able to get a measure of the effectiveness of a particular advertising strategy or campaign. The most important aspects of advertising that are measured include recall, recognition and revenue. Recall essentially measures how well a particular target of an advertising campaign or strategy can recall the messages that were advertised about a particular brand of good or service. Recognition is more to do with how well the targeted consumers are able to relate a particular advertising spot in whatever media it may be with either the product that is being advertised or the good and service that that advertisement is targeting (Olson, n.d). These two measures can both be done through conducting surveys of other scientific procedures such as focus group discussions. The third measurement of how effective an advertising campaign has been is the nature and types of income revenue that have resulted from that particular campaign. The change – increase or decrease – in the sales revenues prior to and after the advertising campaign will be a good indicator of the effectiveness of a particular advertising strategy or campaign. Promotion is essentially a two-way communication that deals directly with the consumer to enhance the marketing strategy and appeal to the consumers. There are nowadays a lot of promotional strategies which can be employed in addi tion to advertising to draw customers to a particular product or service. In addition to the promotional strategies there are also various ways in which these promotion strategies can be implemented, with the latest and the one that is now catching on being promotion through social media and other online contact. Some of the promotional strategies that can be employed include the use of contests with winners receiving various prizes. Such contests, especially those that encourage the purchase of a product or the use of a particular service are also quite effective in ensuring repeat customers and can encourage previously skeptical potential customers to try out a service or a good and if followed up with a clear and targeted advertising, can result in increasing the market pull of a product. Another promotional strategy that can be used is the offer of discounts and special prices to targeted members of the market in order to encourage them to either shift from a competing product o r make

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