Thursday, September 26, 2019

Personal reflection Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Personal reflection - Term Paper Example Also, the manager is expected to provide expert support to high profile or difficult customers through analyzing the root-cause of specific problems and offering viable corrective planning direction in the service delivery process. As an effective Service delivery manager, I will build strong relationships with customers and maintaining service improvement plans, as noted in literature (Collier 1998). Short term and long-term goals In order to attain my learning goals and succeed in my preferred future career, there are certain short-term and long-term goals that I will attain. These goals will not only make me a better employee, but will guide me towards advancement throughout my career. My short-term goals have a time frame of one year and include the ability to cultivate effective study skills. According to popular research, in my position, I will need to understand different teaching methods used by lecturers and learn skills such as academic research and revision (Guskey 2003). In the same light, I will need to improve my time management skills within one year in order to finish assignments within the stipulated deadlines. I must improve my grammatical and proofreading skills in order to deliver excellent, error-free essays during my course work. Similarly, I need to gain enough knowledge of service delivery in order to excel at the use of information systems in service management, project management, personal development, research method skills and academic communication knowledge (Guskey 2003). My long-term goal is planned to be accomplished over a period of five years. My long-term goal is to attain my dream career of service delivery manager. In order to attain the goal, I have to dedicate a copious amount of time to learning, revision and research. Through this work, I will complete all course modules and seek internship and training opportunities that will enable me to gain practical knowledge in service and project management. In addition, during my advancement closer to my goal, I will take time to evaluate my progression and productive ways to overcome obstacles that encumber my path. Belbin test analysis Knowledge of my capacity to succeed in my career is imperative to understand and select the most viable role I would occupy on a team. As a result, I have conducted a Belbin test in order to assess my skills inventory. The Belbin test enables individuals to form good working relationships and gain self-awareness on individual effectiveness in the workplace. According to the results of the Belbin test that I took, my highest score, was 14 as a company worker (CW). My Score Worker Type 14 Company Worker 13 Chairman 10 Sharper 10 Resource Investigator 9 Team Worker 5 Monitor-Evaluator 3 Completer-Finisher Figure1. Types of Team Roles – Belbin Test Results As a Sharper (SH), I believe I can use my personality attributes to challenge team members to make improvements to their work (and turn obstacles in to opportunities). As a Completer-finisher (CF), I am concerned about tight deadlines and I will ensure that projects are completed within the stipulated deadlines. However, currently, I have a weakness in managing time and meeting deadlines. As a Team worker (TW), I believe that I will enhance group cohesion and facilitate negotiation with team members in

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