Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why Are People Migrating To Colorado :: essays research papers

Why people are migrating to Colorado   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Migration and population growth is on the rise in Colorado especially in the center of the state as well as one of the four of the nation's fastest-growing counties in the 1990's due to many factors. Why is Colorado so popular to migrate to? Many people see the versatility the state is attributed with and how convenient it is for employment. People can live in the lifestyle associated with mountains and wildernesses while at the same time have access to a city filled with jobs with a minimal commute. Some also believe that people are drawn to Colorado and attracted to the state because of the typical image of the west, open space, and the old frontier vision that also creates an inviting atmosphere. Californians surprisingly lead the way in migration to Colorado averaging one in every seven residents moving to Colorado. Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Illinois were the following states after California in migration to Colorado in 1997. Although people are migrating to Colorado in large numbers recently, the population growth has taken its toll on the state affecting traffic, schools with overcrowding, and real estate prices. So what are people doing when they migrate to Colorado? Obviously people are becoming attracted to the state for various reasons including most importantly the family type setting in a small city lifestyle. The family setting that has lured people to migrate to Colorado contributes greatly to birthrates that have sky rocketed resulting in a tremendous increase in the state's population . With the increasing population growth Colorado experiences, the creation of jobs becomes a result and a cycle begins to form.

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