Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Proposed Interpretation to a Dilemma Faced Prime Minister Essay

Proposed Interpretation to a Dilemma Faced Prime Minister - Essay Example The Prime Minister may just cause the revocation of the appointment made to her daughter by instructing or influencing the board members who have a final say on the election of her daughter. The Prime Minister must remember that the position upon which appointment was made in favor of her daughter was not a confidential one under him for which the Prime Minister may find exemption under the existing laws of Canada. If the Prime Minister cannot avoid conflict on interest through revoking the appointment by his influence, the Prime Minister could still avail of some mitigation measure. 3.2 Disclosure of Financial and other material interest of the daughter. Under existing regulations conflict of interest could be controlled by disclosing the extent to which decisions could be affected reason of having relatives in the office for which any public official may be involved with. It is a recognized principle in good business practice that disclosing the possible source of conflict of inter est might at least prevent the instance of such public interest as the public is warned that the appointed daughter may not be inclined to enter into any contract that would redound to her personal interest. Thus the practice of requiring high-ranking government officials to disclose financial information on her assets such as stock, debts such as loans, and/or corporate positions held, typically annually or as required by existing rules may be appropriate in the case of the daughter of the Prime Minister.

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