Monday, September 9, 2019

Review of CTS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Review of CTS - Assignment Example The universe of knowledge relies completely on competence and visions of the seeker that is why the state of production, reproduction or spreading of knowledge is in constant state of unrest and instability. (Milward, 2009) In the beginning Andrew provided us with the insight of university’s true meaning in diverse nations, during different eras. Differing in its Prestige, from a provider for social elite’s acculturate to a part of aristocratic culture of Rome and Greece, thus underlining the history of education as combination of social stature and contemplation. The initiative of university as a symbol of power or privilege, hidden its true ideology of universalism. As evidence the author provides us with the insight to see what the word Schole depicts, it is Greek for leisure or free time, providing the evidence for education’s aristocratic origin. He defines the position of university as a two edged sword. Where its usefulness or ideologies depends on the one who is holding its material sources, either making it a registered institution of truth, wisdom, science, excelled legitimacy and independence or a mere means of production of controlled thoughts.(Millward,2006).A system t hat turns the student into client’s or customers and classroom into mass production factories. it was not until mid of the 12th century the university assumed the form of an autonomously oriented institution. The word university was coined in middle ages (Universitas) where as studium generale was the initial term being used for Paris, Bologna Oxford etc. The distinction between these terms also highlights’ the difference between teaching and scholarship/research. However, the fundamental knowledge server role of university did not change over time. The fastidious indication of this role changed dramatically such as teaching is a dissemination of knowledge, to which students respond in conventional manner. But today’s plug and play generation wants to switch this

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