Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Managing People and Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing People and Organisations - Essay ExampleIt jackpot change, it can grow and it can develop into something which is larger than the organisation itself. The literature on company glossinesss as well as otherwise examples from companies such as GE and Apple shows us that having a strong culture is a acceptable thing only if the culture is positive and leads to the objectives of the company being met. In a situation where the culture is strongly negative the environment can become toxic and the symptoms mentioned in the case sure calculate towards that happening in Gillman Autos. Things such as shiftitus, covering ass and passing the buck are consummate signs of a negative culture and the stronger it is the worse off a company would be.For the company itself, it seems that the culture is certainly a result of the 2x4 management style. As per the literature on company culture, the formation of the culture depends on the attractionship of the company (Gardner, 1995) and th e present situation as described for Gillman Autos is simply a result of their unproductive management system. The controls which should have been in place to prevent this from happening seem to have been ignored altogether. Without hard-hitting control, a company will end up with bad leadership and a bad leader will not only bring down his/her own output but also of those who match the role of subordinates (Armstrong, 1999).Culture, social responsibility, ethics and the work environment all flow from the leadership of a company. This was realised by GE when the company saw high disorder in their international communications incision and even though the department was not one of the primary departments of the company, significant junior level turnover caused the senior managers to get worried. After making some inquires and revaluations of exit interviews, the company discovered that a plication manager was causing problems for others by creating a negative culture within the department. The department could not be made productive until that manager

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