Saturday, April 27, 2019

Marketing Synthesis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marketing Synthesis - Research Paper warningCompetitive advantage therefore relates to the sustainability of a given business in relation to the threats and competition pose by businesses that are in the same markets as the entity in question.PPGL maintains a competitive advantage because it remains profitable and it controls a significant share of the market of consumers who seek babies, children and adults clothing and related equipments. Additionally, the financial statements of PPGL shows that continues to shake profits and is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange as a public company.Differentiation involves creating differences in the firms product offerings that set it apart from competing offerings (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010 p209). Differentiation therefore refers to the ability of a business to give a unique and distinct offering to consumers. This will ensure that consumers will prefer to buy their products rather than otherwise products. Differentiation is based on t he added value that a business gives to its consumers that cannot be obtained elsewhere.PPGL has a wide slog of products, most of which are unique in appearance and design. They provide seasonal cranial orbits that are always diametric from what others offer and focus on contemporary designs that are appreciated by the middle-class of New Zealand. join product offering refers to the idea of developing a unique product into a form that is grateful for the market place (Longenecker, 2009 p160). In other words, total product/service offering is about how a business presents a given product that it sells to the public. It is concerned with branding, packaging, labeling and related issues like warranties (Longenecker, 2009 p160).PPGL has five unique brands for women and adults Who is Henri, Spirit, Concept, Isobelle & Live.Love.Play. It excessively has a range of 21 brands that are related to babies clothing and equipment. All these brands provide a range of cloths that have differe nt images and appeal to different units of

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