Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Case Study Research Paper - 1

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, saturated Group, Ltd. Case Study - Research Paper ExampleAll these researches conducted had their particular pros and cons, insufficient assumptions and certain limitations (Lussier & Achua, 2007). However, researchers in this field have not given up and they are try their best come up with a strong theory. Recent developments in this field have been the research conducted on situational and transformational leadership drift (Northouse, 2010). So far researchers have not been able to come up with a theory that do-nothing be classified as exclusive. The theories present by these new breed of researchers are a clear derivation of the earlier work in this field. The most notable work on leadership that his lived on till today is the work of researchers like Max Wber, MacGregor Burns, Bernard M. Bass, and etc (Northouse, 2010). Scenario Analysis This mini scenario is about Sir Richard Branson, who is the chairman of the gross(a) Group. The Virgin Group is the worlds most recognized corporate brand. The Group comprises of companies from different industries, this makes this multitude heavily diversify. The extent to which this assembly is diversified makes the operations of this group very complex and intricate. However, due to the huge and insightful vision of its chairman, the group remains till this day one of the most profitable group in the 21st century. The chairman can be classified as a person who is lightsome going, very flexible and enjoyable to work with. He does not shy away from competition, risk and challenges. adept of his qualities is that he never succumbs under pressure and failure. Sir Richard is very open about his mistakes and likes to speak about his mistakes openly with any regret, because he retrieves that one should never get deject from failures and these failures are part of the learning process. He is forward looking and does not like to lament about the past. He believes that his employees are th e most worthy assets of his company and therefore he never lets go of an opportunity where he could nurture healthy functionals relationship with them. To Sir Richard, opinion of the workers matters a lot and he uses their input coupled with is intuition to handle a daunting situation. He makes sure that the employees feel that their input does matter to him and they should keep sending him their opinions and understanding. Sir Richard is of firm believe that in order to keep the company on its current road of growth and prosperity, he of necessity to encourage risk taking behavior in employees and to support their initiatives to influence the groups marketplace place. One this which Sir Richard is very good at is his ability to form diversified teams to work on the diversified projects of the group. He firmly believes in delegating responsibility to his employees, by this he ensures employee engagement and retention. Sir Richard is one of those state who are more concerned abo ut their relationships. As a result of this he tries to keep everyone in his surrounding happy and satisfied. This method of leading his organization has allowed him to create a dynamic and progressive working environment in his organization. Most importantly he is a person who likes to extend his trust onto his employees employees eyesight this gesture of their chairman project to him and his company their sincere loyalty and efforts. All of this has played a study role in creating the Virgin Group of the 21st century.

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